German intelligence puts coronovirus deniers under surveillance

BERLIN – Germany’s domestic intelligence service said on Wednesday that it would survey members of the increasingly aggressive Coronovirus denier movement as they risked underestimating the state. The movement – … Read More

A panel of independent experts from the CDC states that it needs more time to assess the data and risks during the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pose.

An Advisory Committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention met on Wednesday to discuss the decision made on Tuesday to prevent its use. Johnson & Johnson Kovid-19 Vaccine … Read More

Biden backs Taiwan, but makes some calls for a clear warning to China

Washington – If the global power struggle between China and the US can be turned into a real military conflict, many experts and administration officials say, it is Taiwan’s fate. … Read More

More Kovid-19 vaccine production sites are approved in the European Union

The recent stumbling of AstraZeneca security panic badly prompted the EU’s stalled Kovid-19 vaccination campaign on Friday from the European Medicines Agency, which approved new AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Bayonet and Modern Vaccine … Read More