Check Election Fact: No, 21,000 Dead People Did Not Vote in Pennsylvania

On Friday, there was a viral claim that there were 21,000 dead people on the voter list in Pennsylvania, spread all over the Internet. In some versions of the rumor, those deceased people reported Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. was voted out.

The right-wing publication Breitbart News wrote an article about it. Others then cited it as evidence that the Democrats were trying to steal the election.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, shared the article on Twitter, collecting 74,800 likes and shares. Trump and the popular social media pair Diamond & Silk have posted about the rumor on Facebook. And Rep. Matt Getz of the Republic of Florida tweeted: “The dead vote has flowed heavily to Joiden.”

Overall, Facebook posts about the rumor reached 11.3 million people, according to an analysis by The New York Times.

Problem: It was not true that in Pennsylvania, 21,000 dead people voted.

The claim stems from a lawsuit that was amended on Thursday, taking action on a rumor outbreak on Friday. The Orthodox Public Interest Legal Foundation was Filed Case against Kathy Bokover, Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, on October 15 in the District Court for the United States District of Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit alleges inappropriate allegations by Ms. Bokovar, a Democrat who includes 21,206 supposedly deceased expatriates on the voter list. The group sought injunctions to prevent dead people from voting in the election.

On October 20, the Chief Justice of the court, John E. Jones III, who has the case, said he suspected the suit. He mentioned In a ruling The Public Interest Legal Foundation was asking the court to accept its findings that the dead were on the voter list, but added, “We can’t take the plaintiff’s word for it – in an election where every vote counts, we are potentially Will not reject eligible voters based entirely on allegations of a private basis. “

Lion Churchwell, who is the spokesperson for Legal Basis, said in an email on Friday that there was evidence from the 2016 and 2018 elections for its suit. “The evidence and exhibits have been filed under seal with the court,” he said. “The lawsuit is not a rumor, and the amended complaint filed yesterday explained the methodology.”

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office said: “The court found no deficiencies in how Pennsylvania maintains its voter rolls. There is currently no evidence that a dead person voted in the 2020 election Have done. “

Ms. Bokovar’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Dead people who were identified for votes seem to be a popular subject for those who are spreading unfounded claims of fraud about the election. The dead voted in Michigan this week and it was claimed on Twitter and other social media. but The Times found that Michigan voters were alive And had voted legally, and in some cases incorrectly showed his date of birth due to clerical errors.

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