Giuliani called the electoral conspiracies and lies an election conspiracy.

Rudolf W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal advocate, has spread a web of lies and conspiracy theories in media appearances and social media over the past week.

Mr. Giuliani, who There is a long history of cheating the truth And one that has led to the Trump campaign’s largely unsuccessful legal battle over the election, has focused exclusively on disputed claims of taboo pollsters and undesirables about a voting software company influencing the outcome of election software Has focused on the intrigues.

In interviews on Fox News, Mr. Giuliani has repeatedly claimed that Democratic officials have vetted Republican poll watchers in “10 different devious democratic cities” including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, Reno, Phoenix and Atlanta. Ballot counting stopped watching. And counties where Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are he has spoken, Lack of access Influenced by over 680,000 votes.

There is There is no evidence to support any of these allegations.. Mr. Trump’s own legal circles acknowledged the presence of Republican observers Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia And Arizona And were At least 134 Republican poll challengers were present inside the TCF Center in Detroit, a convention center where votes were counted.

Mr. Giuliani has brought Philadelphia and Pittsburgh several times. That’s because in a lawsuit in the Trump campaign it claimed that some 682,000 ballots from two of those cities’ ballots were processed “when no observation was allowed” and sought to cast those votes.

but as The washington post And The Associated Press Reportedly, and as Mr. Giuliani What was said In court on Tuesday, the Trump campaign recently revised its lawsuit and retracted this particular claim.

“My decision is that when Hillary Clinton told Biden four weeks ago that no one would agree, she meant that even if you were behind in Pennsylvania by 800,000 votes, which, don’t worry, we’ll fix it You, Mr. Juliani Astray 9. Said on 9 November (Mrs Clinton said Mr Biden should “never” accept, rather she should not be on election night because the count of mail-in ballots could “pull out” for days. )

Mr. Giuliani has also alleged Dominion Voting System, A voting software company, to be foreign, and a seemingly nefarious affair.

He said the company has stated on several Fox News shows that it was “very close” with two Venezuelan presidents, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, as well as billionaire financier Jorge Georgos, as it was “owned by another company” is.” Is called Smartmatic. “

this is wrong. Smartmatic Where are you It never owned shares, had financial stakes or provided software or technology to Dominion. Dominion CEO said In an April letter to Congress He had a 12 percent stake in the company, while a private equity firm, Staples Street Capital Group in New York, held about 76 percent. (No other investor held Dominion more than 5 percent.)

Smartmatic previously owned a voting machine company, Sequoia Voting Systems, before selling it in 2007, As The Washington Post Fact Checker pointed out. Dominion Bought Some assets from the Sequoia voting system in 2010.

Smartmatic was founded in Florida itself, incorporated in the United States and based in London. this repair or reinstall In 2004, he took loan from Venezuela’s election machinery and country. In the 2017 election there, Company said The Venezuelan government mistook the voting figures. This led the government to dismiss his claims and threatened legal action, making Smartmatic “close” with Mr Malayuro.

Smartmatic’s relationship to Mr. Soros is equally difficult. Its president, Mark Malloch-Brown, sits on the board of the Mr. Soros Open Society Foundation and Smartmatic notesA dozen other organizations.

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