Hasan Picker is Twitch’s top streamer

On election night, 29, Hasan Picker, a navy blue “Bernie 2020” sweatshirt and a “democracy now!” The baseball cap when he lowered down on a chair to address his digital audience.

“I told you that people like a hundred times that the places in the Rust Belt have a lot of mail-in ballots that they are not counting immediately,” he said. “What you are seeing right now is incomplete data!” The words that followed that were along with the exploitives.

Since then, a progressive political commentator, Mr. Peaker, known for his frantic onscreen appearance, has been the most watched artist on Twitch. He spent more than 80 hours in front of his camera this week with tons of tabs open on his computer, read the news and provided analysis for his left-leaning millennials and Gen Z followers. Many say they are more trustworthy than their candidacy, a slightly disorganized style Button-Up Cable News Anchor.

“People came to me because they wanted to hear a point of view – and maybe a manicure is not the point of view, but an honest approach,” Mr. Picker said.

Twitch, a platform known for broadcasting video game play, has become a vibrant political space in recent months. This summer, activists and organizers streamed the Black Lives Matter march and sit-in for racial equality. “Bus chatting” streams, where people monologue or host discussion, often about politics, have also increased in popularity. In June, The New York Times Reported That twitch has “turned into an unexpected center of social activism.”

Recent interest in political content has been a boon for Mr. Peaker.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Turkey, Mr. Pecker graduated from Rutgers University in 2013, with a double major in communications and political science, and his uncle, Senk Uygur, the founder of “Young Turks” Were working for A progressive online news and commentary program.

He started doing advertising sales and business development for the program, but eventually wanted to create something of his own. In 2016, Mr. Peaker introduced the idea for “The Breakdown”, a “Young Turks” video series on Facebook, that would provide political analysis for a left-lean audience. His sharp criticism of the commentator Tomi Lahren And President Trump’s immigration ban proved to be a hit. Before long, Mr. Pekar had gained fame. Facebook resident “Bae Bolle,”“A title he said he resides on.

But by 2018, Mr. Pekar was experiencing low returns on Facebook, and seeing its rise Right wing news effect On the platform. He also focused on moving the algorithm away from the video.

He set up a twitch channel in March of the same year and started streaming sporadically. “I wanted a place where I could gather people every day,” he said.

His currents were rising slowly; The first had only 35 viewers, but over time he started other streamer shows and collaborated with fellow content creators, helping to expand his audience. Come 2019, he was streaming for hours at a time almost every day. There were some bumps in the road. Mr. Peaker has been temporarily banned four times for following the platform’s copyright and content guidelines.

Across, Mr. Peaker aims to rewrite the narratives he has seen in the news about the Left. He felt that there was an image problem on the part of the progressivists as the news organizations were playing to the bad faith of the activists and organizers.

“Everywhere you went on the Internet was accelerated by Fox News, the left was seen as hysterical, emotional, blue-haired social justice warriors,” he said. “He changed the concept of fighting for social justice into something negative.”

“‘SJW’ is considered an encouragement,” he said, an abbreviation of the term “social justice warrior”. “He is crazy for me. The thing is, those people have a religious reason, they have the right to be emotional and frustrated, but unfortunately, the right is capable of creating a very successful narrative. “

In January, Mr. Picker transitioned to full-time streaming. Previously, while still employed by “The Young Turks”, he was essentially working in double shifts, working during the day and streaming well into the night and morning.

The Democratic president’s primary tasks were in full swing, and Mr. Pecker covered and analyzed millions of the online process. Twitch “sent” him aIRL Backpack“Streaming kit that allowed him to broadcast events on the field, from events in Nevada and Bernie Sanders in Boston.

When Black Lives Matter protests erupted this summer, Mr. Picker also covered it. “I showed that the people on the ground were covering it to some extent rather than local news or mainstream media,” he said. “I have been very critical of local news networks that focus on looting and are creating all these protests.”

Mr. Picker kept pace on his channel during the debate this fall. On 20 October, he played the game among us With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar to the audience in the thousands. He started preparing his audience for what he said would be like election night.

On November 3, Mr. Peer woke up, hit the gym, then began to stream – and did not stop for 16 hours. His marathon Election night stream It has been viewed more than 4.5 million times and had over 225,000 concurrent viewers at its peak.

What the audience finds enticing is that Mr. Peaker consumes information in real time. “Last night I watched Drink and his guests play for time when he clicked on the wrong tab in his cluttered browser at least three times,” Geeta Jackson, a reporter for Vice, Wrote an article last week. “I saw myself, and the way I engage with politics and news is not just Picker’s political opinion, but the way he uses the Internet.”

33-year-old New Yorker Anne Alexander watched Mr. Peaker’s channel the next day after the election. “Hassan consumes the Internet at Internet speed,” she said. He said, “He has 50,000 tabs open and he is moving from Fox to CNN on Twitter. He is consuming news from across the corridor. He is on social media, on reputable news sources, he is also reading all the incoming comments, then sometimes he is listening and responding to the commentators. It is highly dynamic. “

Twitch’s chief operating officer, Sarah Clemens, said that Mr. Picker’s stream is an example of how Twitch has diversified its content beyond video games in the past year. He said that his stream reached Twitch’s “core” audience: Millennials and General Z. “It’s a very powerful way to connect with that audience,” Ms. Clemens said.

Although he often hosts journalists from mainstream news outlets, Mr. Peaker said he does not like to pursue a career in cable news. In fact, he said that being so smooth streaming for hours gave him an advantage in cable news on election night.

For pundits and analysts who have been working long hours this week, he said, a 10- and 11-hour day in front of the camera is unusual. But for Mr. Peaker, this is the norm. “I streamed those hours every single day,” he said.

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