How Gabriel Sterling Points to Trump’s Georgia Fraud Claims, Point by Point

Trump Club: Thousands of ineligible voters cast tens of votes.

Sterling Detail: The actual number of ballots cast by ineligible voters is less than zero, and not close enough to change the election result.

Mr. Sterling also addressed more specific claims about ineligible voters:

  • Mr Trump said thousands of people voted despite not being registered to vote. It is impossible, Mr Sterling said: “You can’t do that. No ballot can be issued for you, you have no way to tie it back, there’s no name for them anywhere unless they There are no registered voters. So that number is zero. “

  • Mr. Trump said thousands of voters died before the election. Mr. Sterling said that the Secretary of State’s office had found only two that could fit according to that description.

  • Mr. Trump said hundreds of people voted using PO boxes instead of residential addresses. Mr Sterling said the secretary of state’s office was still investigating, but everyone who had investigated it so far had, in fact, used a proper residential address – only for a multipurpose residence or apartment building.

  • Mr. Trump’s campaign said many goons voted. In fact, using the records of the state corrections and probation departments, the Secretary of State’s office identified only 74 people who courage Fitted in that category – and Mr. Sterling said the final number would be even lower after the office had completed its investigation, because in many cases, the person could have regained their voting rights after completing the sentence or simply The same name can be criminal.

  • Mr. Trump’s campaign said tens of thousands of people under 18 voted. “The actual number is zero,” Mr. Sterling said, “and the reason we know this is because the dates are on voter registration. There are four cases – four – where people requested their absentee voting before the age of 18 Was, but on the day of the election, he turned 18. That means legally cast ballot. “

  • Mr. Trump’s campaign said hundreds of voters in two states cast ballots. Mr Sterling said the officers were still investigating, but if any such cases were confirmed, it would be “a handful”, and nowhere near enough to change the result.

Trump Club: Machines cast a vote of votesTrump’s ballot counted as Biden.

Sterling Detail: If it had happened, Mr. Sterling said, the hand record would have shown it, and it showed nothing.

Discussing hacking allegations, he said ballot machines and scanners are not connected to the Internet. “Neither one has a modem,” Mr. Sterling said. “It’s very hard to hack things without a modem.”

Trump Club: That election officials did not properly verify the signature for the mail-in ballots.

Sterling Detail: The secretary of state’s office brought in signature experts, who screened more than 15,000 mail-in ballots. He found possible problems with only two and upon investigation both ballots turned out to be valid.

Trump Club: Compared to previous election cycles, Georgia declined a lower number of mail-in ballots.

Sterling Detail: The decrease in rejections is due to recently passed legislation that gives Georgians the chance to fix problems with their ballots, such as rejected signatures. Both parties had teams roaming the state and contacting voters whose ballots were in danger of being rejected, but Mr Sterling said Democrats were only more prepared for the task.

Trump Club: That election officials cut the ballots.

Sterling Detail: “There is no tirade in the ballot papers,” Mr. Sterling said with a clear resentment. “it’s not real. This is not happening. “

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