How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis

It sounds a bit dystopian, I’ll grant. But let’s hear them.

Right now, these experts said, the federal government’s response to disinfection and domestic extremism is very dangerous and spread across many agencies, and there is a lot of unnecessary overlap.

Renee Diesta, a research-researcher at Stanford’s Internet Observatory, gave examples in relation to two problems: misinformation about Kovid-19 and misinformation about electoral fraud.

Often, he said, the same people and groups are Is responsible for both types of proliferation. So instead of two parallel processes – the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which aims to end conspiracy theories related to Kovid, and another in the Federal Election Commission, trying to fix misinformation of voting – a centralized The task force can coordinate, strategic response.

“If each of them are doing this separately and independently, you run the risk of missing connections, both in terms of content and the strategy used to execute on campaigns,” Ms. Deiresta said.

This task force can meet regularly with technology platforms, and push for structural changes that can help those companies deal with their extremism and misinformation problems. (For example, it could create a “safe harbor” exemption that would allow platforms to share data about QiAon and other conspiracy theory communities without running privacy laws with researchers and government agencies.) And it can become the tip of a spear. The federal government’s response to the reality crisis.

Many experts recommended that the Biden administration push for much greater transparency in internal functioning Black-box algorithm Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other major platforms use to rank feeds, recommending content and usher users in private groups, many of whom are responsible for raising conspiracy theories and extremist views.

Dr. Donovan said, “We should open the hood on social media so that civil rights lawyers and real watchdog organizations can investigate human rights abuses or have them amplified by technology”.

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