Officials say postal workers claimed that ballots were returned to Pennsylvania.

The Inspector General of the Postal Service informed Congress on Tuesday that an activist who had made unfounded allegations of ballot corruption inside a facility in Erie, Pa., Dismissed his claims, which Republicans suggested were in a Pennsylvania vote There was widespread fraud.

The Office of the Inspector General said, Richard Hopkins, a post office employee in Erie, “fully” alleged that a supervisor was “tampering with mail-in ballots”. according to this Democratic leadership of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Long after the Democrats’ announcement, Project Veritas – a conservative group Researchers say Engaged in a coordinated devolution campaign to hand over the voting process – released a video in which Mr Hopkins said he had not actually recaptured his statements.

Mr. Hopkins claimed in an affidavit given to President Trump’s campaign that he believed and listened to the discussion behind the postcard on the ballot boxes that came in the postal facility after Election Day.

The ballots for the counting of votes should have been postmarked on Election Day, 3 November. The implication of Mr. Hopkins’ claim was that the postal staff had returned the ballots, which should have been disqualified.

During the coronovirus epidemic under Pennsylvania procedures, mail-in ballots that arrived at the election offices on Election Day have been separated from the upcoming elections until November. 3. They have not added long votes for any candidate and President -Lect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has won Pennsylvania without him.

According to County Board of Elections Chairman Carl Anderson III, out of nearly 135,000 ballots in Erie County, only 130 mail-in ballots came after the election. In a statement, he said the post office procedures would be “valid under investigation.”

Republicans, eager to falsify Mr. Trump’s imagination to find the wrong evidence that the election was stolen from him, circulated Mr. Hopkins’s affidavit and extended it.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who urged Mr. Trump to continue to fight the election results, sent Mr. Hopkins’s affidavit to reporters with a statement read in part: ” I will not allow reliable allegations of voting irregularities or misconduct under Rug. “He later admitted in a television interview on Sunday that the claims he aired were unverified.

Mr. Hopkins could not be reached for comment over the weekend.

The Office of the Inspector General told Congress that Mr Hopkins had reapplied his charges on Monday, but according to staff from the oversight committee, “did not explain why he had signed a false affidavit”.

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