Preparations for retaliation against Russia, China faces hacking by US

In writing and dialogue over the last four years, Mr. Sullivan has clarified that he believes traditional sanctions alone do not adequately afford spending powers like Russia or China and new rules of the road to cyberspace Let’s start talking about

But government officials often fear that the risk of an increase in response will also be stronger.

This is of particular concern in Russian and Chinese attacks, where both countries have explicitly imposed “back doors” to American systems that could be used for more destructive purposes.

US officials publicly stated that current evidence suggests that the Russian intention in the Solar Winds attack was simply data theft. But when many senior officials did not ask for attention, they considered that the size, scope, and expense of the operation suggested that the Russians might have a broader purpose.

Mr. Burt said, “How many of these attacks do I trust in our system”

Broke up in russia Democratic national committee And state Voter registration system In 2016, by guessing or getting passwords on a large scale. But he used a more sophisticated method in hacking SolarWinds, putting the code in the company’s software updates, which introduced him deep into the nearly 18,000 systems that used network management software. Once inside, the Russians had high-level access, requiring no password.

Similarly, four years ago, a large part of the Chinese government hacking was conducted via email Spear phishing Campaign. But over the years, China’s military hacking divisions have been consolidating into a new strategic support force similar to the Pentagon’s cyber command. Some of the most hacking operations are run by China’s major intelligence agency, the Stellar Ministry of State Security, which maintains a satellite network of contractors.

Beijing also began accumulating so-called zero-days, flaws in code unknown to software vendors and for which a patch does not exist.

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