QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green heads Congress

Others who lost Tuesday included candidates such as Mike Cargill, who was one of the Q-linked Republicans to challenge several Democratic Democrats in California for House seats. His Twitter bio includes the # WWG1WGA, QAnon’s motto “We Go Go One We Go All”.

Elsewhere, Ron Weber, a West Point graduate and attorney in Ohio, who defeated three other contenders in a primary and has shared QAnon .htags and conspiracy theories On social media, he lost his race on Tuesday.

But it is the victorious candidate in Georgia, Ms. Green, whose candidacy has highlighted the party’s difficulties in dealing with its Qion problem. Now that he is in the Congress, the party will have to decide what to do with him.

“I think he would start with a shorter leash,” Mr. Buck said.

Still, he said, there is a fundamental problem: “There is no real establishment or party leadership the way it used to be,” and so “Congress members have felt that you have an open playing field to be Want you to attract attention for yourself. “

Ms. Green, who owns a construction company, called QAnon “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive out this global cobble of devil-worshiping pedophiles.” He also made Disgraceful comments about black people, Jews and Muslims.

Nearly every elected Republican in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, where Ms. Green was running for an Open House seat, lined up to protest, as she trouped eight other candidates in the primary in June and a runoff. Forced to. But not everyone in the party was as ignorant. Mr. Trump posted Congratulations tweet Following Ms. Green’s strong showing in June, and two of her most high profile supporters, she supported: Ohio Representative Jim Jordan and former Congressman Mark Meadows, now head of the White House.

Whatever objections the others were able to overcome after Ms. Green won the runoff in August. California Representative Kevin McCarthy, who was the minority leader of the House, said he would be assigned to the committee’s functions if elected. Senator Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed by the governor last December and was seeking a full term in a special election in Georgia, readily accepted Ms. Green’s support.

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