Salesforce to acquire Slack for $ 27.7 billion

Salesforce, which provides marketing and sales software, among other products, is highly acquired as it develops. under which Mr benifAccording to S&P Capital IQ, Salesforce has purchased at least 60 companies, including 27, in the past five years.

Salesforce stock has climbed nearly 40 percent this year, giving the company a valuation of $ 220 billion. Its revenue grew 20 percent to $ 5.24 billion in the three months to the end of October.

In February, Salesforce paid $ 1.3 billion for Vlocity, a mobile software provider. Last year, it Tableau purchased, A data analytics provider, for $ 15.3 billion; In 2018, it bought MuleSoft, a data integration company, for $ 6.5 billion; And in 2016, it bought e-commerce software maker Demandware for $ 2.8 billion. It invested $ 250 million in data warehousing company Snowflake just before it went public in September.

Salesforce has its own work collaboration product, called Chatter, since 2010. Chatter has received “limited traction” last week, according to a Goldman Sachs report that deferred the “strategic merit” of Salesforce buying Slack.

In August, Mr. Benioff told analysts that Salesforce was not seeking a takeover, meaning the valuation was too high. “We are not in a good M&A environment,” he said, referring to mergers and acquisitions. “I don’t see it right now.”

He said: “Maybe things can change.”

In September, Salesforce chief financial officer, Mark Hawkins, told analysts that the company would remain “opportunistic” regarding the deals.

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