A Christmas Eve ‘travel nightmare’: snow, flood, maybe hurricanes

rubbish winter storm Slammed the eastern US on Christmas Eve, pushed drivers onto the streets and threatened to spoil the plans of holiday travelers and last-minute shoppers already dug by coronovirus in a season.

Snow and rain increased from Atlanta to Buffalo on Thursday. Issued forecasts Warning About an array of potential hazards – heavy snow, floods, even tornadoes – from Tennessee to Maine.

The storm has already shown its speed to bring and bring blankets to the Midwest. More than eight inches Snow to Minneapolis. The icy conditions delayed hundreds of flights and turned the roads into dangerous white sheets.

In Nebraska, state police responded to more than 250 accidents or calls for help, which also had a tragic result: a family and a 4-year-old child died when the family’s car was located along Interstate 80 with a medieval and a Skid in time to come. Half truck. Two young children in the car were injured but survived.

A horrific mix of rain and snow was forecast in other parts of the country on Thursday. Forecasters said that parts of West Virginia may receive more than an inch of rain during the day and then fall to half a foot of snow in the evening.

“Combine, and it’s like a travel nightmare,” said James Zwolensky, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Charleston, WVA. “Things can get slippery very quickly.”

Speeds up to 65 mph were expected to pass through New York City on Christmas morning, with heavy rain on Christmas morning, possibly knocking over trees and power lines. The National Weather Service said “widespread power outages are expected.” Warn.

In Parts Over New York and Pennsylvania, rapidly melting snow and rain are expected to uproot rivers on Friday and issue forecasts flood warning Pa., North of Harrisburg’s Pa, along the Susikhanna River from Binghamton, NY. Outside of Skosten, Pa, the river can be as high. As it was in 1996, When waterways filled with melted ice Forced to evacuate 100,000.

During an epidemic holiday season in which health experts have requested the public not to travel, the brutal weather may be another reason to stay home for Christmas. Even before noon on Thursday, Score of flights Was canceled in the United States.

Last weekend, despite warnings, More than one lakh passengers a day Passed through airport security, about half as many as last year.

In the south, temperatures decreased abnormally on Thursday, and a strong thunderstorm released forecasters Storm warning For parts of central and southeastern North Carolina. Myrtle Beach, SC, was under a Glance at tornado Till 10 pm

Were tornadoes also possible In Virginia and Florida, where temperatures dropped by more than 30 degrees during the day, as wind and rain moved into the state.

Meanwhile, some cities in the South, including Knoxville, Tenn., Were preparing for their first significant Christmas snowfall in a decade.

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