Amid Pandemic, Scientists Rhesus Routine Medical Care

Now the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, a consortium-funded research group, is potentially collecting data during the epidemic from more than 800,000 women and about 100 mammography centers nationwide.

Millions of women missed their regular mammogram in the first wave of the epidemic.

Prior to the epidemic, mammograms were screened by approximately 100,000 women each day in the United States. In the spring, almost all mammogram centers close for three months, and even though they start reopening in the summer, it was not until October that almost all were functioning normally. This may change as new coronovirus infections increase, but now, women who want mammograms can get them.

Clinics were to slow down the rate at which they perform mammograms because of the COMID-19 precautionary requirements, which include physical disturbances between examinations and cleaning of equipment. But they are making for longer hours and delay opening on weekends.

The situation may be different for women for whom there are worrisome findings, such as a suspicious finding on a lump or a mammogram. The wait for clinical imaging and biopsy can be long, stretching for weeks or months, Dr. Radiology and Health Services researcher at the University of Washington, Drs. Christoph Lee said.

Doctors hope that many women who missed their mammograms last spring will no longer return that they may have a repeat screening test, some because they had fallen out of habit, but others from epidemic social and Due to economic effects. Women may have to stay home to care for children or lose jobs and health insurance.

Dr. Lee said that the effects of screening discontinuation on patient outcomes should be the first outcome in six months of the Breast Cancer Consortium.

“We have not been able to argue for stopping screening for a period, because the standard of care is routine screening,” Dr. Lee said. “We’re trying to see if less screening causes more or less harm.”

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