Arrested for assaulting 2 police officer

Department of Justice Brian D. Two people have been charged in the attack on Siknik Capitol police Information about the case and court documents was given by an officer.

The FBI on Sunday arrested 39-year-old George Pierre Tanios and 32-year-old Julian Eli Khater in West Virginia in New Jersey on charges of assaulting officers with bear spray.

According to two law enforcement officials, the arrests came weeks after investigators pointed out one of the men in the video of the riots in which he was seen attacking several officers with spray. The Justice Department has said in earlier court filings that the rioters were recorded attacking the video, including Officer Siknik.

It is not clear whether Officer Siknik died due to exposure to the spray. On January 7, the day he died, the Capitol Police said in a statement that he was wounded in the riots that took place the day before during a “physical altercation with the protesters” and then “returned to his division office and Collapsed. ” He later died in a hospital.

Hours after Officer Siknik was taken to the hospital, Capitol Police officials initially said he was killed by a fire extinguisher, but later said he did not die of blunt force trauma. In later days, investigators noted the potential role of a hitch as the primary factor in his death.

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