As of Election Day, Trump Shifting into Combination and Complaint

President Trump arrives on Election Day on Tuesday amidst trust and enthusiasm, grievance and grievance, and marries in despair that he is Joseph R. Biden is leaving Junior, whom he considers an unqualified opponent.

“Man, it’s going to be embarrassing if I lose to this man,” Mr. Trump has told advisers, a lament he has also broadcast publicly. But in the off-camera version, Mr. Trump often says, “This man!” With a salty adjective separating the words, with reference to Mr. Biden.

Trailing most of the election, Mr Trump took care last week through a marathon series of rallies, tried to tear down Mr Biden and activate his supporters, but also noted the size of the crowd and targeted the alleged enemies And news media and Drs. The federal government’s infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, whom he suggested on Sunday that he could try to dismiss after the election.

At every turn, the president has said that the voting system is rigged against him and threatened to sue when the election is over, in an apparent bid to undermine the electoral process precipitated by the coronovirus epidemic. However, it is unclear what legal instruments Mr Trump believes he has.

The president, his aides say, has received encouragement from his large audience and a stream of relatively upbeat voting information that advisors have curated for him, usually filtering out Blake numbers.

On a visit to Florida last week, several aides told the president that winning electoral college was a certainty, according to people familiar with the conversation, who did not support Republican or Democratic voting. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows responded that when Mr. Trump raised the idea of ​​a late bid for democratic states such as New Mexico, the president’s choice was flatly unrealistic, among other options.

His mad dash to the finish, a distillation of his four tumultuous years in office, is a mix of intimacy, harmony and a blend of seeing events through his own prism – and perhaps in the hope that Everything will work for him in the end. The way four years ago he shocked the world by winning himself, his advisors and the White House.

But indulging himself in the thin bubble of his own worldview, Mr. Trump may have distanced himself more from the political realities of a country in crisis. And that, in turn, has helped Mr. Trump run the campaign, offering a central message, no clear agenda for a second term and no response to the epidemic crisis.

Most people in the president’s inner circle share their optimism about the outcome of the race, even as they fight exhaustion and, given the president’s WhatsApp mood, showed interviews with more than a dozen colleagues and allies. But some advisors acknowledged that many factors would be required for this. He spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal discussions.

Republican lawmakers have proposed underestimation of his prospects, and privately some of Trump’s advisers do not argue. A high-ranking Republican member of Congress swore to Mr. Meadows last month that if Mr. Trump is “trying to lose the election, I can’t think of anything that I would ask him to do differently,” the legislator said. Remembered, noting that the accomplice shook his head only in acknowledgment. “They just think that they can’t do anything about it.”

Beyond the capital, however, some Republicans insist that Mr. Trump can avoid the odds again, and that a dedicated base would fuel a traditional GOP surge in electoral day voters.

Florida’s Republican Party President Joe Grushers, who appeared in Tampa last week with Mr. Trump, described the president as a “lock” in the state.

“You can take it to the bank and cash the check,” Mr. Grouters said, adding to the Democrats: “We’re crushing them to the ground.” This is going to make a difference. “

Far from Mr Trump’s views, however, there is a possibility of defeat – and possible consequences of his removal from the White House.

In irresponsible moments, Mr. Trump told advisers for weeks that he hoped to face intense scrutiny from prosecutors if he loses. He is concerned not only about the current investigation in New York, but also the possibility of a new federal investigation, which people have spoken with.

While Mr. Trump has not aired those concerns in the open, he has raided against the democratic process, raising baseless doubts about the integrity of the vote.

He has also spoken about declaring victory ahead of time on Tuesday night, but if there is an organized plan to do so, his top lieutenants are not telling it to their colleagues. A congressional strategist said he spoke to Mr. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner on Sunday and Mr. Kushner asked Capitol Hill Republicans not only to buy for such a plan. Exactly mention of possibility.

Mr. Trump’s advisers believe he has a realistic chance of besting Mr. Biden, but acknowledged that it would lead to last-minute success in one of the Great Lakes states where he is currently trailing Huh. However, some Republicans are already up for a loss or close call in a series of Sun Belt states – and expressing alarm that Mr. Trump may have turned some of them into premature blue that Barack Obama’s The 2008 landslide created Virginia and Colorado Democratic bulwarks.

“Arizona and Georgia are a big thing,” said Nick Everhart, a Republican strategist. “It’s a change that people thought they’d come, but once they left it would be difficult to play again.”

The president has done little to bolster his chances in the final days of the race. On Friday, Mr. Trump used a rally in Michigan to follow a baseless theory that doctors are classifying patients’ deaths to earn more money related to coronovirus, fierce condemnation from medical groups, as well as Mr. Biden and Mr. . Obama

And on Saturday, at the place in Pennsylvania where George Washington mapped his Delaware crossing during the revolution, the assistant wrote a quiet speech to deliver to the president. Midway through, he looked bored and started thinking about the size of Mr. Biden’s sunglasses.

He has often used his speeches to diatribe against Mr. Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, for a long time, even though some Trump advisers believe the entire subject is on the sidelines amid public health disaster. But Trump’s aides say they only enjoy attacking the Biden family.

Republican Senator Kevin Kramer of North Dakota said he believed Mr. Trump would not let the possibility of him interfering with his approach diminish.

“He is certainly not going to buy into someone’s argument that is over or he is lost,” Mr. Cramer said.

What some Republicans are confused about is that Mr. Trump has been discussing the confirmation of Justice Amy Connie Barrett in the Supreme Court last month; Some GOP senators have made that achievement the focal point of their campaigns.

While campaigning in Kentucky this weekend in pursuit of his seventh term, Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, repeatedly trumpeted Justice Barrett and two other Trump-nominated judges once mentioned Mr. Midden’s name Not entering the High Court.

Although Mr. Trump has reorganized parts of his 2016 inner circle on race days, the operation lacks a figure that is both willing and able to force the president to stick to a script. Four years ago, Mr. Trump led the campaign’s top official, Stephen K. Bannon was seen as a peer – able to focus the candidate. These days, Mr. Trump often rages colleagues and assistants that he believes they are failing him.

Three weeks before the election there was a fleeting attempt to bring in a new voice: Some Trump advisers floated the idea of ​​recruiting former George W. Bush mentor Carl Rowe, who has joined a super RAC that supports Mr. Have been. Trump, or someone like them. But by that time the idea had been discussed that the election was already less than a month away. Some Republicans seem to be witnessing the end of the Trump era, whether it comes on Tuesday night or some other years.

Several aspiring young Republicans have recently visited the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, including Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Gov. Christie Noam of South Dakota. Ms. Noam quietly visited Mr. Trump in Mar-a-Lago, which could become another stop on the GOP primary circuit should Mr. Trump lose. Another, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, is maneuvering to handle the National Republican Sanatorial Committee, seen by other Republicans as an effort toward running for president.

Even quiet lobbying has been run by Rona McDaniel for the presidency of the Republican National Committee for four years.

Many Trump loyalists are seen as potential successors in that job, including David Bossy, an RNC member from Maryland, as well as Ohio Republican Party President Jane Timken, who the president has effectively installed in his post . Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, conservative pundit Kimberley Guilfoy, have both been discussed as potential chairmen, although their aides said they are not interested in the job.

Mr. Griers said he was not aware of any attempt by the president’s son to do the RNC job, and praised Ms. McDaniel. But Mr. Griers said that Trump may have to step down if she steps down.

“Rona has done really well and she definitely deserves a nod if she decides to continue,” Mr. Griers said. “Don Jr. would obviously be reliable for what he wanted to go after. He has a solid command of the base. He has the ability to raise a lot of money and will be another superstar for the party. “

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