At the rally for Georgia senators, Trump focused his grievances

If it signals a modest number of Republicans to sit out the Senate runoff, especially in rural areas where Mr. Trump’s support is strongest, then it would be difficult to change electoral arithmetic in an equally divided state and the Democrats’ May be enough to tip the race.

The president repeatedly sought to encourage Georgia to take part in the same breaths in which he went to prison against his own loss, offering a shock, two-speech-in-one presentation. “You got out and rushed to vote,” he said, adding that Republicans had a few moments after winning the election, citing what Democrats described as “not nearly vicious”.

At Valdosta, 250 miles south of Atlanta, presidential supporters began arriving by noon for the evening rally. Many of them had crossed the nearby state line from Florida and thus could not vote in the Senate race.

The music, the red-white-and-blue stagecraft and Mr. Trump’s heavily anticipated arrival were all familiar. But he showed little joy, and much of his speech was devoted to meeting his grievances and was often reminiscent of the rambling, misinformation-filled, 45-minute video he delivered from the White House earlier in the week.

“I got more votes than any sitting president in history,” Mr. Trump said.

The president’s desire to campaign Saturday night in heavily conservative South Georgia – far from the Atlanta-area voters who rejected him last monthHis Majesty’s Republican officer, who was lobbying to interfere with the runoff in support of Ms. Loeffler and Mr. Purdue. But aides were worried, currently, due to the presence that he would break away from the script and attack Mr. Kemp, who has become the primary target of Mr. Trump’s Twitter vitriol.

Mr. Trump is expected to calm down after Mr. Kemp’s Saturday call Noted on twitter He had already called for an audit of the signature of the mail ballot “to restore confidence in our election process.” But Mr. Kemp’s office has also said that the governor does not have the power to order a unilateral signature.

Mr. Kemp did not attend the rally Saturday night due to the death of a family friend.

Before Mr. Trump ventures into Valdosta, Republicans are at pains to emphasize the task: January runoff. A large video screen instructs attendees to “request your absentee vote now!” And directed them to the website to do so. And Ms. Loeffler and Mr. Both Perdue addressed the audience well before Air Force One.

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