By the time they attack the Capitol, the police have removed the proud boys

Instead, he said in an interview, agents asked for march routes and other plans to separate the Proud Boys from the counterprocessor. Other times, he said, agents warned that they had raised potential threats against them or their allies from the left.

But before the Jan. 6 incident, no one contacted the Proud Boys leaders, Mr. Tario said, even though previous Trump’s rallies in Washington had caused serious violence at their gatherings.

“They didn’t reach us,” he said.

In the summer of 2017, neo-Nazis, clansmen and other white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Via, to announce their resurgence at the “Unite the Right” rally. Its organizer, Jason Kessler, Was a member of Proud Boys.

The group was formed a year ago. Gavin mcnes, Now 50, co-creator of media outlets Vice. (The company has long severed all ties.) She was a Canadian maiden who replaced the New Yorker with a record of statements attacking feminists and Muslims, and he often expressed half the irony for the mayhem. “Can you usually ask for violence?” He once asked in an online video. “’cause I am.”

The Proud Boys were volunteering as bodyguards for right-wing firebrands such as En-Kulper and Milano Yiannopoulos and often collided with leftist crowds, especially on college campuses. Proud Boys “free speech” regularly ended in rallies, street fights in strongholds on the left side of Seattle, Portland or Berkeley, California.

Yet Mr. McInnes shook the Unite the Right gathering in an online video, saying: “Disavo, disavo, disavo.” According to him, the Proud Boys were not white supremacists, but merely “Western outposts”. That stance helped the Proud Boys evade scrutiny from federal law enforcement.

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