CDC Funding Gun Violence Research First Time for Decades

It was this argument that he used to help persuade Congress to appropriate funds for gun violence research in 2019. The research was never outright banned, and in 2013, weeks after 26 people were murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, President. Barack Obama directed the CDC to reconsider the study of money on gun violence.

Agency commissioned Report good The priorities of the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council outlined, but little changed. By 2019, after Democrats recalled the House, liberal organizations such as petitioned Congress to repeal the Dickey Amendment. Almost every house was signed by Democrats.

But Dr. Rosenberg argued that it should “provide cover for Republicans and gun-loving Democrats who can put money into science and tell their constituents, ‘This is not money for gun control.’ “

Representative Rosa Delaro, a Connecticut Democrat who at the time was heading the House Subcommittee overseeing the CDC’s budget, said she poured $ 50 million into the appropriation bill that year, but was overturned by the Republican-controlled Senate. The two divisions agreed to $ 25 million as a compromise, but said it hoped to double the funds this year.

Houston Trauma Surgeon Dr. Naik-Mathuria said he would like Washington to see the problem of gun violence as injury prevention, not politics. She began researching ways to reduce gun violence six years ago, she said, “seeing children dead, because they shot themselves when they got a gun at home.”

He said that his current study is aimed at determining risk factors for gun violence for children and adults, and his previous work has led to some changes in medical practice.

Pediatricians in Texas, he said, hesitated to worry about gun safety saying “it would be parental or political anger.” So he and his group created a comprehensive safety video that was heard in messages about gun safety – such as keeping and storing guns – with tips to keep children away from poison.

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