Certification of 2020 US election results is on schedule. Here is a timeline.

No disputes are expected in Iowa or Nebraska that could delay certification.

It’s the deadline Nevada And Wisconsin, Of which Mr. Biden won, To validate their results.

In Nevada, the first step for county commissioners is to certify the results and send them to the Secretary of State, who will submit a summary to the Nevada Supreme Court. Ultimately the governor will need to confirm the result. The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit claiming that Mr. Trump has actually won Nevada, and conservative groups are trying to mitigate the results, but these claims are unlikely to lead anywhere.

Wisconsin has already completed county-level certification, but the Trump campaign is seeking a partial withdrawal, which if it goes ahead, should be completed by the deadline and a significant change in results is not expected . Once that conclusion is reached, the Wisconsin Election Commission will hold a meeting to certify the results statewide.

This is an important date in the democratic process: If states resolve all disputes and certify their results by 8 December, the results should be untouched by further legal challenges, ensuring that the won by Mr. Biden State Biden will send delegates to Election College.

The certification process to this date varies from state to state, but the final stage is the same everywhere under federal law: the governor of each state must compile certified results and send them to Congress with the state’s electoral names . To college representatives.

Voters will meet and vote in their respective states on 14 December. This vote constitutionally, determines the next president.

Mr. Biden has 306 electoral votes in Mr. Trump’s 232. Many states require their voters to formally vote for the candidate they promised to vote for, usually the winner of the state’s popular vote. Historically, rogue voters have been few and far between, and the results have never changed.

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