Demand for help from Mexican President on the border

WASHINGTON – President Biden on Monday sought help from Mexico’s President Andres Manuel L√≥pez Obardor to avert a new crisis at the border, hoping for diplomatic cooperation from one of the key proponents of the harsh strategy imposed by Mr. Biden’s predecessor to avoid immigration. Of.

Mr. Lopez Obredor called President Donald J. Trump received praise for collaborating with his hard-immigration agenda, and the Mexican president praised Mr. Trump during a call in December with Mr. Biden, then president-elect.

Facing an uptick of illegal migrant crossings in parts of the southwestern border, Mr. Biden is now hopeful that Mr. Lopez Obredor will be a partner in stopping another cycle of out-of-control migration from Central America, but he does so So Mr. Trump without resorting to a full range of policies. The President of Mexico appeared open to cooperation, issuing a joint statement addressing climate change, epidemics and migration to the north.

Despite campaigning against Mr. Trump’s policies, Mr. Biden wants the Mexican president to do one of the same things that his predecessor did: helping Central American immigrants quickly move northward through Mexico to the United States .

While Mr. Biden has presented himself as rapidly breaking with the Trump administration’s immigration policies, he has left only a few.

The President has recently started welcoming back to the United States A limited number of asylum seekers who were they Exposure to violence and kidnapping In dangerous areas of Mexico under a Trump-era program. But the Biden administration has maintained a separate Trump policy Empowers agents to drive out new arrivals faster Mexican officials, as Mr. Biden, are expected to survive a crisis at the border that challenged their predecessors.

Both policies were accepted by Mr. Lopez Obredor With little resistance when they were first planted by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Lopez Obredor recently called for a new guest activist program for Mexico and Central Americans in the United States, although Mr. Biden’s press secretary said Monday that the move would require legislation from Congress.

But when Mr. Trump initially threatened to close tariffs and the border to Mexico to win cooperation with his immigration agenda, Mr. Biden on Monday lavished praise on Mr. Lopez Obredor. Mr. Biden has also indicated that he is eager to open the US-Mexico border to full trade when the epidemic allows it to occur.

At the beginning of a virtual meeting with the Mexican president, Mr. Biden said, “The United States and Mexico are strong when we meet together, acknowledging that neighbors are not” neighbors. “He said that during the Obama administration , “We saw Mexico as an equal – you are the same.”

The talks took place after a sharp start between the two leaders. Mr. Lyopez Obredor was one of the last leaders to congratulate Mr. Biden on his election victory, seeing the Biden administration as possibly more attentive than Mr. Trump, who mostly pressured the Mexican president on domestic affairs Used to avoid pouring.

Mr. Lopez Obredor also recently adopted a measure to restrict cooperation with American narcotics agents In a sharp abuse The United States arrested a former Mexican official on charges of drug trafficking.

“What you do in Mexico and how you succeed affects the rest of the hemisphere,” Mr. Biden tells him.

Mr. Lopez Obredor later told Mr. Biden that “it is important that we base our good relationships on continuous dialogue, period dialogue.”

before meeting, Alejandro Ann. Mayurakas, Secretary of Homeland Security, He said he called the “depth of brutality” of the Trump administration’s immigration philosophy, stating that the separation of families at the border was the “most powerful and heart-breaking example” of Mr Trump’s attack on the immigration system.

But as Mr. Biden wants to open those policies, Mr. Mayorkas acknowledges that the United States continues to rely, for now, on a measure at the heart of Mr. Trump’s approach: a public health rule that includes border agents Requires to quickly deport Mexico without a chance to request asylum from across the border.

“Need to wait,” Mr. Mayorkas said of potential asylum seekers. “It takes time to rebuild a system from scratch.”

Mr. Biden has made immigration one of his top legislative and diplomatic priorities, moving quickly to lift the Trump-era border on refugees who may be allowed into the United States and pass a far-reaching bill from Congress Can be called upon to do which will give a way. Citizenship of 11 million non-resident immigrants already living in the country.

The Biden administration has formed a task force to unite parents separated from their children under Mr. Trump’s family separation policy. Mr Mayorkas said on Monday that Michelle Brann, former director of migrant rights and justice at the Women’s Refugee Commission, would lead the effort to unite families who could be offered the option of remaining in the United States permanently. Mr. Mayorkas stopped promising parents citizenship.

Republicans have already indicated that they intend to capture Mr. Biden’s reversal as a former base of immigration policies in his efforts to withdraw Congress in 2022 and the White House two years later.

In an echo of his successful 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump is already Offered a road map for Republican candidates In 2022, the situation on the border was once again exaggerated and stated that Mr Biden’s approach is to “revoke border security”.

Mr Mayorkas rejected the claim that the situation on the border had developed into a crisis, even as customs and border security moved along the southwestern border from the coastal and northern borders to the Rio Grande Valley. “According to agency” statement reassigned to agents due to lows.

“Mayarkas said that there is a challenge on the border that we are handling.”

While Mr. Biden is ignoring the Migrant Security Protocol program, forcing migrants to wait in Mexico for an adjournment in their asylum cases, he has put in place another Trump-era rule that allows border agents to provide migrants Empowers to swiftly expel and take them over the Mexican officer.

Both Biden and the Trump administration have said the policy is necessary to prevent the spread of coronaviruses in border communities, even with immigrants advocates saying it undermines the due process rights of asylum seekers.

Border agents encountered a migrant at the border nearly 78,000 times in January, the highest number for that month in at least a decade, According to data from Customs and Border Protection. More than 80 percent of those arrests resulted in rapid expulsion of the migrant under an emergency rule, rather than processing the migrant in a detention facility.

Mr. Biden is not using the rule to expel immigrant children, a practice under Mr. Trump that caused families to scramble to find Central American children and violated them A diplomatic agreement With Mexico. Instead, under the Biden administration, most ineligible children, Coming from Central America by the hundreds per day, Being kept in quarantine in the United States and locked in shelters until they are matched with a relative sponsor.

With facilities already restricted at the border because of the epidemic, the Biden administration also opened up teenagers living in a temporary shelter home in Texas. The use of temporary shelters faced widespread criticism during the Trump administration.

The new administration is hoping that temporary facilities are adequate until the infrastructure is built on the border. Meanwhile, Mr. Biden continues to rely on Mr. Trump’s pandemic emergency rule to ward off new arrivals at the border.

Despite the emergency rule, border agents have released a limited number of families in communities in South Texas due to a change in Mexican law for several weeks, according to a senior who has been in internal contact with Mexican and U.S. government officials in recent weeks. Has been the subject of discussion. Administration Officer.

Biden administration officials have recently said Mexican law changes That Tamulipas State has a ban on detaining young children, forcing border agents to leave dozens of families per day in border communities in the United States. The Customs and Border Protection Agency does not test every migrant for coronovirus but relies on local authorities to provide testing to families after release, causing widespread concern in border communities, Rep. Henry Cuellar, of Texas The Democrat said.

Also, an epidemic ban is in place on non-potential travelers who have long agitated the local economy at the border.

The increase in migration, Mr. Cuellar said, has made relations with Mexico even more important. “The whole key is, how are they going to work with us?” They said.

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