Democrats agree to trim unemployment aid to keep Stimulus bill on track

The proposed changes to incentive payments and unemployed aid were two more strikes to the hopes of progressive Democrats, who were already angry after a top Senate official decided to stop the minimum-wage increase from the bill. Made it out of bounds Based on the rules that govern reconciliation bills.

Liberal lawmakers and activists had argued that Democrats should remove the official who issued the decision, Senate lawmakers, and Republicans could push through the proposal anyway on the protest. But Mr. Biden made it clear he would not support the move, and on Friday, when Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, tried to add it to the law, the pay increase did not appear to come near the majority, And it fell far short of the 60 votes that would need to be adopted.

The measure to raise the minimum wage to 2025 by 2025 attracts only 42 supporters – and 58 opponents, including seven Democrats and one independent, who vote with him. The vote-a-rama resumed 12 hours after it began, as Democrats put their hands on the text prepared for the new plan.

“If anyone thinks that we are giving up on this issue, they are mistakenly mistaken,” Mr. Sanders told reporters. “If we have to vote on this again and again, we will – and we are going to succeed.”

While Republicans had made it clear that they were ready to debate the stimulus package in which all kinds of amendments had failed, it was also clear on Friday that issues far more important than a united minority in the opposition Were. MPs from both parties quickly focused on Mr. Manchin, who has repeatedly called for the overall bill to be more targeted and which has included the provision of unemployment as an example.

With the current $ 300-a-week payment due next weekend, Mr. Biden’s incentive plan and the House bill that passed it increased aid to $ 400 a week from last weekend and expanded it to the end of August Proposed to do.

But Mr. Mnuchin and other moderates were concerned which was too much, and leading Democrats had prepared an alternative that would keep the weekly gain at $ 300 but extend it to the beginning of October. He also added a sweetener: a new provision that would waive up to $ 10,200 in taxes on unemployment benefits in 2020.

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