Duckworth and Hirono refuse the nominees until Biden taps more Asian-Americans

Ms. Hirono said on Tuesday that she shared Ms. Duckworth’s “desperation”. They are two Only eight Asian-Americans to ever serve in the SenateIncluding Ms. Harris.

“It’s not about pitting one diversity group against another, so I’m happy to vote for a Hispanic, a black person, an LGBTQ person, an AAPI person,” Ms. Hirono said. He said that Mr. Biden expressed a commitment to diversity in his administration, “and that’s what we’re saying.”

Ms. Hirono, who is Japanese-American, said she pressed the White House more regularly to vote for Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in support of policy proposals, because it would be used by black Americans, women and other groups Will be for

Democrats have warned for a year that Republicans’ hostility toward China related to the coronovirus epidemic – including former President Donald J. Includes references to Trump’s “Kung Flu” and “China Virus” – admirers of anti-Asian sentiment. She has resumed more vocal action since last week’s shooting in Atlanta, which left six women of Asian descent dead, in Congress and the White House to take further action to suppress her outspokenness.

Senator Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and majority leader, said Tuesday that he would fast-track two Democratic bills aimed at tackling the issue.

The first, written by Ms. Hirono of New York and Representative Grace Meng, will direct a Justice Department official to review all coronovirus-related hate crime reports, directly to discourage racist descriptions of health virus viruses and promote online hate crime Will issue guidance for Database. Senator Richard J. of Illinois The FBI, the second introduced by Durbin, will create new offices focused on domestic terrorism at the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

“Here in America, we all know that an attack against one group is an attack against all of us,” Mr. Schumer said on the Senate floor. “So it is up to all of us to stand up now and speak in support of the Asian-American community in America.”

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