Elaine Chao’s Mix of Work and Family Drew Early Ethics Scrutiny

Most important, the company Mr. Chao ran until 2018 and is now run by Ms. Chao’s sister, Angela, has received hundreds of millions of dollars. Loan commitments From a bank run by the Chinese government for the construction of new dry-bulk freight vessels in a Chinese government-owned shipyard. In January 2017, Angela became Chao Director of Bank of China, One of the top four lenders in the country.

Mr. Chao and China in their travel plans “Former high level chinese official“Who was one of his school’s classmates and now lives in Shanghai, the Inspector General’s report said. The report does not name the former government official, but former Chinese President Jiang Zemin attended the same university in Shanghai in the late 1940s. That school – Shanghai Jiao Tong University – was on a planned itinerary.

Mr. Chao regularly met Mr. Jiang on his visit to China. During Mr. Jiang’s tenure as head of the ruling Communist Party from 1989 to 2002, the two met at least six times, The Times reported In 2019. Notably, Mr. Jiang received Mr. Chao and his wife in a villa inside the Communist Party’s Beijing leadership complex in late August 1989, near the site of the bloody Tianmen Square, less than three months earlier.

Ms. Chao’s trip was eventually canceled just a few weeks ago, as it was about to be decided – and after purchasing airline tickets – when State Department officials raised their ethics concerns.

Four days before Mr. Rosen took part in a discussion on ethical issues, Ms. Chao was present at the Harvard Club in New York with her father and sister to sign a contract with a Japanese shipbuilder to deliver two freighters to Formost One for Report good By a Chinese news media company.

In 2018, staff members at Ms. Chao’s office helped edit chapters from Mr. Chao’s biography, even though one “staffer acknowledged that the publication had no dot-specific nexus,” the Inspector General The report said. After helping to edit the book, Ms. Chao’s staff then created a marketing strategy targeting journalists.Dr. Create chao’s profile, ”And other organizations such as Columbia University and shipping industry publication Lloyd’s List to promote his family.

Steven G. Bradbury, who was the general manager of the Department of Transportation at the time, told investigators that he “knows about the subject,” relating to the family’s book that agency staff worked on. “But it would not be fair For the Secretary to direct subordinates to work on these publications. “

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