F. Salt Fitzgerald and Snowy Van Kenobi Will Plave Minnesota. Sorry, Luke Snowler.

F. Sault Fitzgerald, Darth Blader and Snoby Van Kenbibi will resolve further. Sir Plow a Lott, Edward Blizzardhand and Luke Snowler were all left in – you know where.

Minnesota Department of Transportation Announced On Tuesday, eight winners of its name appeared in the snowplow competition. By far the highest votes Of course, Plocky McLeafas, with more than 6500 votes. Op, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Yes and Duck Duck Orange Trucks were second and third with 29,000 and 28,000 respectively.

In December, the department asked the public to “submit creative, funny, punishing and fun ideas for the name Snowplow, and it received nearly 23,000 entries.” Minnesota reformer, An independent news website, reported. The department said officials had given that list to 50 finalists, and by the end of the vote last week, more than 122,000 people had voted. (Voters were allowed to select up to eight entries.)

In addition to the top three votes, other winners include Plow Bian, Snobbie Van Kenby, and Truck formerly known as Plov – a tribute to the singer and Minnesota native Prince.

Sir Plowe was cut short, finishing ninth with 16,212 votes – 1,337 votes behind the Prince’s Home entry.

Officials said the winning names would appear behind or on the side of eight snowplays, each of which would be assigned to one of the state’s eight regional transportation districts.

Some other “Star Wars” -themed entries fell short. C-3PSnow received more than 13,000 votes; Luke Snowler received a little over 8,000.

It was 2021, the short competition was not without some controversy. Transportation officials removed one of the most popular entries submitted by the public: Abolished Ice, a play on the rally cry by critics of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, the reformer. This name ranked number 2 among all entries.

“There is definitely a time and place for political expression,” said Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesman Jake Lesh. Told the New York Times last month. “A snowplaus naming competition may not be a suitable place for that.”

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