Inspired by the epidemic, Amazon goes on a par without a rental race

Over the summer, Amazon turned most of the 175,000 temporary workers into permanent employees and eliminated additional pay bumps for all workers. Since then it has continued Hiring waves.

The company has nearly tripled the number of US warehouses used for last mile delivery this year, said Mark Wolfrat, founder of the logistics consulting firm MWPVL International, The tracks Operations of Amazon. Delivery drivers are usually contractors, so Amazon does not disclose its numbers in regulatory filings.

“They’ve built their own UPS over the years,” Mr. Wolfrat said. “This speed of change has never been seen before.”

Ms. Williams said that Amazon also forged relationships with companies that were downsizing employees such as Uber, American Airlines and Marriott to boost their hiring.

“We dedicated a group that was nothing but joined organizations that were making people unconscious, whether it was temporary or permanent,” she said. “This allowed us to have an efficient, quality work force and very quickly and easily move into opportunities that were appropriate at Amazon.”

The effort has been made by 1,000 technology employees who create software for Amazon’s human resources teams, several building portals and algorithms that automate hiring, she said. Prospective employees can find jobs, apply and be hired entirely online, without talking to a single person.

To grow so much, Amazon also needs to think long-term, Ms. Williams said. As a result, she said, the company was already working with preschools to establish a foundation for technical education, so that “our recruitment demand would cease within the next 10 years, because the pipeline is there and ready.”

Michael Corkery contributed reporting from New York.

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