Javier Becerra, HHS Pick, California’s Anti-Trump Attack Dog

Mr. Becerra also created the first state-level Environmental Justice Bureau of its kind, focusing on how pollution and other forms of environmental damage have an impact on health in the most vulnerable communities.

And that Resolved a historical antitrust case The Northern California network of doctors and hospitals, against Sutter Health, which agreed to pay $ 575 million in damages and supervise its business operations for 10 years. The lawsuit, originally filed by a grocery employee union health plan, claimed Sutter’s antichromatic behavior was driving up health costs.

The lawsuit was a “case of paradigm” on behalf of consumers, said to be Matt Canter, a firm from Constantine Cannon, New York, who worked with Mr. Becerra’s office on a related suit. Mr. Becerra chose to bring it in, he said, “shows that he is very concerned about what the average American family and the average American employer have to pay in health insurance premiums.”

A native of Sacramento, Mr. Becerra is the son of immigrant parents; Her mother was displaced as a young woman from Mexico and her father was born in Sacramento but was born in Tijuana. They married at the age of 18 and moved to California, where the elder Mr. Becerra worked in the manufacture and manufacture of vegetables – experiences that friends say Mr. Becerra had in his job as health secretary Live.

“I think it gives him a certain perspective and humility and praise for working people, for ordinary people,” said Texas Representative Joaquin Castro, president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who said that Mr. Becerra mentions him and other Latin newcomers. Capitol Hill. “And when you talk to Xavier you see that he is not a pretender.”

At McClatchy High School in Sacramento, he was a high achiever whose additional practice included golf, which he taught himself to play, and a leadership group that focused on conflict resolution. “He was a really well-rounded guy – an athlete and an idiot and a leader,” said Karen Skilton, a California political consultant who went to school with him.

He was the first of his family to attend college, graduating from Stanford University in 1980 and Stanford Law School in 1984. In the interview, he has stated that he applied to the elite school only because he had filled a blank application which was rejected by a friend. , And that until he met Palo Alto with his mother, he realized that his family was not middle class. There, he met his wife, Carolina Reyes, now an obstetrician specializing in high-risk pregnancies.

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