Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, is coronovirus

A senior administration official said Friday night that White House chief Mark Meadows, who followed President Trump’s efforts to play the coronovirus throughout the summer, has contracted the virus himself.

Mr. Meadows tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, the official said, and he told a small group of advisors. One of Trump’s campaign advisors, Nick Trainor, has also revealed he has the virus, with one person briefed on his diagnosis.

And four other White House officials tested positive for the virus, a person familiar with the diagnosis told The New York Times. Bloomberg News also reported On additional matters.

A White House official, who asked for anonymity because the officer was not allowed to speak publicly about the internal discussion, was asked to keep quiet about various matters. Mr. Meadows reacted when there was one Outbreak in Office of Vice President Mike Pence A few weeks ago. At the time, Mr. Meadows sought to prevent those cases from going public.

His diagnosis came as a pandemic spread across the United States, averaging over 100,000 new cases per day over the previous week and Set another record on fridayWith over 132,700 cases on a single day.

As of Saturday morning, over 9,830,800 People in the United States were infected with coronovirus, and more than 236,500 people died.

The event took place in the Rose Garden and inside the White House.

Mr. Trump has spent much of the epidemic to reduce the risk of the virus, and many White House officials have nurtured his desire to treat it as a local threat in Democratic-leaning states.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Meadows was at Mr. Trump’s election party at the White House, with several hundred people gathered in the East Room for several hours, many of whom did not wear masks as they mingled while watching the election return.

The president’s chief of staff was also in contact with a coterie of an aide earlier in the day at Trump campaign headquarters in Virginia, sneaking into a tight spot where he did not wear a mask. Chairman wishes campaign workers.

During the epidemic, Mr. Meadows encouraged Mr. Trump’s desire to reduce the threat of the virus and focus on the economy. He was sacked in the White House wearing a mask, and wore only one sporadically, as he traveled with the president or during events in the Oval Office.

Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Meadows often mock journalists who wear masks around them, saying that the voices covering their faces mimic their voices. A video clip of Mr. Meadows Refusal to give statements to journalists In the Capitol, as they asked her to wear her mask which was widely shared on social media.

He has also been among the officers of the West Wing, who have served as the country’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony S. The public appearances of Fauci have been narrowly supported, issuing far more stringent warnings about the threat of the virus than Trump. To declare publicly.

In the days of the presidential campaign, Mr. Meadows made unwanted headlines when he admitted during a television interview that the government would not be able to control the epidemic. Critics and Mr. Trump’s political rivals seized on this comment as evidence that the administration had given up on fighting the virus.

“We’re not going to control the epidemic,” Mr. Meadows told Jake Topper, the host of “State of the Union” on CNN. “We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutic and other mitigation fields.”

Mr. Meadows was one of the few to be fully informed by Mr. Trump on his bout of Kovid-19, which the president announced on October 2. He was involved with a reluctant Mr. Trump to go to the Walter Wade National Military Medical Center voluntarily. At a time when the President was opposing such a move, his oxygen levels had dropped and he had high fever.

But he also had a role in an episode that angered Mr. Trump after he became president Taken to hospital. Mr. Trump’s Doctor Sean p. Conley did not answer questions honestly about the president’s symptoms, with Mr. Meadows contacting a small group of reporters in the White House pool. Gave a more clear rating That the President was not quite out of the woods.

He gave it on the assumption that he would not be identified, but C-SPAN cameras caught Mr Meadows talking to reporters. Mr. Trump was agitated when he learned that Mr. Meadows had revealed something about his medical condition.

A few weeks later, when Mr. Short and four others fell ill for Mr. Pence, the Times reported that Mr. Meadows had demanded the information to be kept secret.

People close to Mr. Meadows insisted that he wanted to be contacted before any information was made public. But he confirmed it all in an interview with Mr. Taper, who asked about reporting to The Times, that he did not think the White House should discuss the health of anyone other than the president or vice president.

Mr. Meadows did not respond to a request for comment Friday night. A White House spokesman also declined to comment, citing the need to maintain confidentiality of personnel health matters.

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