McConnell warns Democrats to keep filibuster

WASHINGTON – Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday warned Democrats who are considering undermining or eliminating filmmaking to push through progressive legislation that Republicans would bring the Senate to a complete deadlock and Democrats took this step So Biden’s agenda will derail.

“Whatever the Democratic Senate did for President Bush and Trump, everything that the Republican Senate did to President Obama would be a child’s play compared to the disaster that Democrats would make for their priorities if – if – they were the Senate.” Let’s break it down, “Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican and Minority Leader. “For Democrats in a nuclear senate – the most mundane task of the Biden Presidency will be really hard – hard, not easy.”

Mr McConnell was referring to the possibility that Democrats could resort to a move known as the “nuclear option”, which could force a change in Senate rules that would allow senators to block action on any bill Allow to do unless the proposers endorse 60 votes to proceed. This would effectively destroy filmmaking, allowing the majority party – currently Democrats – to muster through any measure on a simple majority vote.

Progressives are agitating for such a change to allow Mr. Biden to steer his agenda around Republican obstruction, and a growing number of Democrats are openly considering it.

Mr. McConnell, Senator Richard J. of Illinois. Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat and a distinguished Veteran of the institution, issued his warning on Monday, saying it was time to stop allowing the minority party to legislate for three. Majority to pursue most Bills. It was the clearest call yet to action by a prominent Democrat leadership.

“Today’s filibusters have transformed the world’s most intentional body into one of the world’s most ineffective bodies,” Mr. Durbin said, stating that the burden should be placed on opponents of the law to take it further 60 To produce votes on supporters to produce votes. . “If a senator insists on blocking the will of the Senate, he should pay some minimum price to appear. No more can be added to it. If your principles are important, then stand up for them, speak your mind, hold the floor and show your determination. “

The Senate operates under Archaean rules, often referred to as unanimous consent agreements bypassed by use, where there is no arbitral object. Mr. McConnell threatened that if Democrats made significant changes to the filmmaking rules, Republicans would refuse to agree on even the most lawmakers of affairs and require senators to appear and vote, effectively allowing the Senate Dodging

“I have to say this clearly to all my 99 colleagues,” Mr. McConnell said. “Nobody can start serving – even starting in this chamber – to imagine what a fully scorched earth would look like in the Senate. None of us have served even a minute in the Senate, which has been completely ablaze with comity, and is an institution that requires unanimous consent to turn on the light before noon. “

Some Senate Democrats and progressive activists have called on Democrats to undermine film performance to move forward with Republican objections to the voting rights bill and other liberal legislative priorities while Democrats control both Congress and the White House.

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