New body camera footage shows George Floyd handcuffs on the road

In new body camera footage shown to jurors on Tuesday at Derek’s trial Fifty four, George Floyd is seen handcuffed on the street near a Chinese restaurant, after a clerk giving his name and date of birth to one of the first police officers to come to Cup Foods, the report stated that Mr. Floyd had a The fake $ 20 bill was used to buy cigarettes.

The footage was from the body camera of Peter Chang, a Minneapolis Park police officer who arrived to support the two rogue officers who first responded to the scene, before Mr. Chauvin and his companions arrived. Officer Chang’s testimony was the first in a trial from an officer who responded to the incident before Mr. Floyd’s death.

New footage was shown on the first day of testimony presented by Derek Chauvin’s attorney Eric J. Nelson, and provided a fresh glimpse of the events of that day, mostly from the perspective of two of Mr. Floyd’s peers: Morris Lester Hall and Shawanda Hill. While the officers were struggling with Mr. Floyd on the street, Mr. Chang stayed behind and saw Mr. Hall and Ms. Hill, who seemed to have no idea what had unfolded.

On the video, Mr. Chang’s friends of Mr. Floyd are heard saying that if there are no warrants for his arrest, they can go “when it is all settled”. Once upon a time, after Mr. Floyd was taken into an ambulance, Mr. Hall and Ms. Hill were told that their friend had been taken to the hospital. “what happened to her?” Ms. Hill asked instinctively.

During Mr. Chang’s testimony before the body camera video was shown, Mr. Nelson asked about one of the key points of his defense: a group of outspoken connoisseurs who gathered around the officers as they accompanied Mr. Floyd to the ground Were struggling Angry and represented a threat to the authorities. “They were very aggressive,” Mr. Chang agreed.

Nevertheless, on cross-examination by a prosecutor, Matthew Frank, Mr. Chang outlined the point of defense about the angry mob. Mr. Chang said that while he stayed on the road to see Mr. Floyd’s friends, he assumed that the officers struggling with Mr. Floyd had things and did not ask for help.

He also said that when he first arrived at the scene, Mr. Floyd was peaceful and was responding to the authorities, another point the state made in its cross-examination, the authorities had already made an effort to highlight Mr. Floyd – and the jury headed home arguing that he was arrested. No more force was needed to do it.

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