New Migrant Dynamic Highlights Crash on California Border

Each time, a coyote helped them measure the border barrier from Mexico using a rope ladder, and they slid downward toward California with a beam. Each time, he was immediately arrested by the Border Patrol.

To avoid staying in a shelter for weeks or months, as is happening to thousands of young refugees crossing the border, the boys lied about their age, telling agents to be 18 years old. Dropped back to Mexico – to try again.

In the early 2000s, Mexican immigration to the United States had shrunk to family size, the Mexican economy expanded and the crossing became more dangerous and expensive. Between 2009 and 2014, more Mexicans came to the United States than the United States for the first time since the 1940s, drawing the largest immigration wave in modern American history.

But the dynamic has changed since coronavirus.

Ms. Mendoza, who was on the expedition with her cousin, was a single mom who sold tapas and weave hats to Tamapa de Comonfort for her three daughters, a mountainous region of Guerrero that has sent long-time immigrants to the United States . .

They had no refrigerator, stove or television. And the epidemic had made living a person even harder.

“All I wanted was to buy a plot of land, build a little house,” Ms Mendoza said. “I told my daughters, ‘I’m doing this for you, and they agreed that I should go.”

She made a few pesos and two changes of clothes in a bag and boarded a bus to Mexicali with her cousin, Ms. Garcia. After three days, he checked into hotels a few blocks from the international border for a 24-hour stay, which cater to migrants, paying 220 pesos, or about $ 10.

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