Pac hopes to maintain hold on GOP

Officials said Monday that President Trump plans to form a so-called led political action committee, a federal fund-raising vehicle that would potentially allow it to maintain its grip on the Republican Party.

The announcement is expected as soon as this week, shortly after major news networks and newspapers, as well as the Associated Press, Former Vice President Joseph R. Called the 2020 election for Biden Jr.

Such committees can accept donations of up to $ 5,000 per year – far below the donation limit for committees formed by Mr. Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee – but a leadership PAC can accept donations from an unlimited number of people. It can also accept donations from other political action committees.

A leadership PAC can spend an unlimited amount of money in so-called independent expenditures to benefit other candidates, as well as fund travel, voting and advisory. At most, it will almost certainly be a vehicle by which Mr. Trump can maintain influence in a party that has been largely remaked in his image over the last four years.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Muerto said the committee had been in the works for some time.

“The president always planned to do so, win or lose,” Mr. Murtow said, “so he can support candidates and the issues he takes care of, such as combating voter fraud.”

Still, a PAC can give the president an off-ramp after a vigorous electoral battle, as well as keep him as a key figure as the next Republican presidential primary race begins for a new standard-bearer is.

Republican strategist Matt Gorman said, “President Trump is not going anywhere anytime soon.” “He is going to put himself in a national debate unlike any predecessor.”

Prior to the election, Mr. Trump told advisers, sometimes joking and other times, that he could run again in 2024 if he lost to Mr. Biden.

Mr. Biden also has Collected more than 270 electoral college votes There is a need to win, and as he has led to tens of thousands of votes across many battlegrounds, Mr. Trump has maintained wide-scale voter fraud despite widespread evidence to the contrary. He has directed his campaign to move forward with legal challenges in states like Arizona and Nevada, with most advisors believing the race is over and they should move forward.

But as a businessman, Mr. Trump’s personal brand is now associated with his political brand. And he has made it clear that he is not closing down the stage easily, even as advisers say he will voluntarily leave the White House when his term ends.

Since the 2020 race was called on Saturday, Mr. Trump told advisers that he was seriously considering running again in 2024 if the vote is certified for Mr. Biden, a development. Previously reported by Axios.

Although the PAC leadership could not help him in such an effort, it could provide an interim vehicle that would allow him to travel and engage in some political activity, even if he never actually left again.

Kenneth P. Vogel contributed reporting.

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