People of California Announce Making of Pine Mountain Monoliths

For the first time, someone has taken credit for erecting a monolith that has flown around the world in the past few weeks.

A group of four artists and fabricators unveiled themselves as creators of the stainless-steel Curiosity on Saturday, placed atop the Pine Mountains in Attascadero, California, on Tuesday – and shared. Youtube video In a newly made replacement after some youngsters originally topped up and replaced it with a cross, Enliven yourself in the process.

“We intended for this to be a part of guerrilla art. But when it was taken so maliciously, we decided that we needed to change it, ”Wade McKenzie, one of the creators of California’s Monolith, said in an interview Sunday evening.

News of the origin of monolith The website was first reported by YourTango.

McKenzie said he built the three-way steel structure with the help of his friend Travis Kenny, Kenny’s father, Randall and Travis Kenny’s cousin Jared Riddle.

On Friday morning, another shiny steel tower was discovered in downtown Las Vegas under the Fremont Street Experience, a five-block recreation area in the city’s casino corridor.

And yet another Saturday morning was found by cantors in the Los Padres National Forest at a site 100 miles southeast of the Ataderio, San Luis Obispo Tribune Reported. According to the Tribune, the Los Padres monolith has “Caution” written in red at the top. And features an image of a UFO. The creators of the Atkadero monolith told the Sunday news outlet that they had not placed the monolith there.

Fascination with monoliths, named after him Is similar to thStan debuted in the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey” Was discovered in the Utah desert on November 18. Four unknown people destroyed it on 27 November Slammed it into a wheelbarrow.

Two clear patterns then appeared. First a mountain in Romania and then the Atascadero sculpture. Both were taken down within days, a Romanian anonymously and a California man who Dragged him to the mountain The mantra on Thursday morning is “King!”

Atascadero is a city of 30,000 people near the central coast, a lifelong home to the three people who installed the Pest Mountain artwork. They say the year is trying for them all: business has been tough, and McKenzie’s father died a few weeks ago of complications from COVID-19.

Credit …YourTango

When the first monolith was found in Utah, Travis Kenny said it sparked his interest. “We were like, ‘Damn it, look at this art that people are traveling for hours to see!” They said. Both he and McKenzie identify as sci-fi geeks and are “fans of 2001.”

“After the second one popped up in Romania, we were like, ‘There needs to be a third,” he said. “And then we were like ‘Fuck you, why not us?”

He said he built the original stainless steel in just a few hours on Tuesday, and moved the 10-foot-long piece two miles above the 1,300-foot mountain trail. “Not to boast, but we promoted that thing,” McKenzie said. “We’re all about 50 years old, and it was proven that we were all in very good shape, able to carry a 200-pound piece up the mountain in a relatively short period of time.”

A hunter discovered it the next morning.

“We had no idea it would go viral,” McKenzie said. “People were driving four hours away from LA or San Francisco to see it.”

After it was torn down, McKenzie said that people reached out to Mayor Heather Moreno, offering to build a permanent establishment somewhere in the city. “But he said no, the best place would be on the hill.”

So this time, they made it difficult to move and enlisted others to help. “It’s got about 500 pounds of concrete,” McKenzie said. “No kidding.”

“It’s a whole subsection that is all structural steel, and it sinks about four feet into the ground,” said Travis Kenny.

“But it’s not an invitation for anyone to try to tear it down,” McKenzie added quickly.

The men lay it back on the hill, the shimmering light in the city reflected on its shiny black surface. In their video, posted on Friday, the structure is cast into place under the cover of darkness, while a man yells, “You can bring me down!”

Atascadero’s deputy city manager Terrie Banish said in an email Sunday evening that the city is happy to see it back.

“It brings back that joyful feeling that was taken away and it gives people something to look forward to” in difficult times, she said.

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