Polls are closed in Georgia, which faces a competitive House and Senate race.

Voting closes at 7 pm in Georgia, where the Atlanta suburbs hold two competitive House races and two competitive Senate races – a sign of the once solidly red state’s increasingly competitive nature that is now up for graves.

Joseph R. with a slight edge in the state against President Trump in recent elections. Biden Jr. is featured. Two well-funded Democratic candidates, John Ossoff and Rev. Drs. Rafael Warnock is running a competitive race for both seats of the state Senate.

Representative Lucy McBeath, a Democratic gun control and racial justice activist, is in favor of winning re-election in the sixth congressional district against Karen Hendell, whom she defeated in 2018. And Rich McCormick, a physician and former Marine helicopter, for a seat in the seventh congressional district, which was once solidly red, for Caroline Republican, a Democrat, Bourdeaux, Representative Rob Woodall, a Republican, who is retiring Faces the pilot.

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