President-Trump is not included in the celebration of Mar-a-Lago.

The spectacular, black-tie celebration on New Year’s Eve at the President’s Mar-a-Lago resort was one of the highlights of the social season in Palm Beach, Fla. Over the years. Paid hundreds of dollars For tickets. Celebrities including Sylvester Stallone, Rod Stewart and Woody Allen participated. Guests feasted on caviar and drank champagne.

But this year, Bash also does not include President Trump. He had planned to attend, but returned to Washington from the resort city on Thursday morning without explanation.

The streets around Mar-a-Lago were calm at 8 pm when there are dozens of police officers present. Gone were the blocks that blocked the city’s main road, causing traffic jams. Wayne was a Trump supporter who cheered him on the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach.

The city of Palm Beach has imposed a 1-year curfew, which limits New Year’s Eve celebrations, and Sham-e-Lago officials declined to comment about the evening’s feast appearance, menu or entertainment done. But as a full moon above the resort, guests drove in luxury cars through the front and rear gates. The men wore tuxedos, women’s gowns and some masks.

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