Robina Esti, who made history on land and in the air, dies at 99

“Telling her story had a huge impact for the transgender community,” Mr. Levasseur said. “Because of the violence against transgender people, many of us don’t grow old, but here she was enjoying her life in her own way.”

Ms. Asti’s greatest joy came in the air. A licensed pilot and instructor since the 20s, she continued to fly well every weekend in the 90s, moving from her home on the upper east side of Manhattan to the Taterbo Airport in northern New Jersey.

At the onset of the epidemic, she moved from New York, where she spent most of her life in San Diego, where her daughter lives. He made his last flight with a student in July, setting a Guinness World Record as the oldest active pilot and oldest flight instructor in the world.

“What do I like about flying?” She said that in “Flying Solo,” 2018 Documentary about his life. “I think it’s a bird.”

Robina Fedora Estee was born on April 7, 1921 in Manhattan and grew up in Greenwich Village. Her father, David Este, a winged boxer who anglicised her surname after her manager, said she needed to give voice to any Italian. Ms. Esty began using the original spelling after the transition. Her mother, Helen (Jund) Asti, was a housewife.

Along with her daughter Coca, Ms. Asti is survived by another daughter, Emano Gunther; One son, Trevor Este; And five grandchildren. Another son, Pepe, died in childhood.

Ms. Asti showed interest in electrical equipment from an early age. By the time she was a teenager, she had a steady business fixing radio around her Greenwich Village neighborhood.

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