Shree Potato Head Brand Gender Neutral (Sort)

Hasbro is giving a more gender-inclusive identity by dropping “Mr.” to his venerable Mr. Potato Head Toy. From its brand name and packaging.

“Hasbro has ensured that everyone should be welcomed into the world of potato chiefs, to officially promote gender equality and inclusion from Mr. Potato’s flagship brand name and logo,” Said in an opening statement on Thursday.

But later it was announced, the company Issued a clear statement On Twitter, saying that Mr. and Mrs. Potato head characters will retain the title of their personal etiquette.

“Grab that toot – your main spud, MR. Potato Head ain’t going nowhere!” Said the company. “While it was announced today that Potato heads are dropping the brand name and logo ‘MR’. I’m proud to confirm that MR. & Mrs. Potato heads are going nowhere and MR will stay. & Mrs. Potato Sprouts. “

In the fall, the company will introduce its new “Potato Family Pack” which will encourage children to “form their own Potato Head Family”. The pack will come with two large potato bodies, a small potato body and 42 accessories.

The company said the change in brand name would be accompanied by “a whimsical color palette and a more inclusive message”.

Rich Farraro, the main communications proposal for Glade, an LGBT advocacy organization, praised the change, saying it was part of “a greater movement for greater diversity and inclusion in toys and media targeted at children”.

Hasbro is the latest toymaker to update some of its classic brands or make them more inclusive and diverse.

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Last year, the mantle rolled Many new barbie dolls It is described as its “most varied line”, showing “more skin tone, hair type and body shape than ever before”.

One doll is bald, the other has a prosthesis and the other has wiped her dark hair away from her face to find that she has vitiligo skin conditions.

In 2019, Mattel unveiled A new line of customizable gender-neutral dolls Called the Creative World that “allows children to create their character.” The box includes several wardrobe options, accessories, and wigs so that children can style the doll “with short or long hair, or in skirts, pants, or both.”

In 2016, Mattel announced it was Expanding its Thomas the Tank Engine franchise By adding more female train characters and friends from countries like India, Brazil and Mexico. And American girlThe 18-inch doll-making company introduced a boy doll in 2017.

Mr. Potato’s Head has been a signature toy for Hasbro since it debuted in 1952. The company said it was the first toy to be advertised on television.

The toy, which allows children to swap different parts such as eyes, mustaches, goggles and hats, has long been associated with Rhode Island, where Hasbro is based. Over the years, toys have been featured in parades, campaigns and Also on state license plates.

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