Six people missing due to heavy rain in Alaska

According to state officials, six people went missing in southeastern Alaska on Wednesday after landslides buried several feet from mud homes after heavy rains.

According to Alaska’s Public Department, the landslide crushed at least four homes in Haines, Alaska, about 90 miles north of the state of Alaska.

According to the department, nine feet of mud and trees were covering a portion of Haines, stating that it suspended rescue operations on Wednesday evening due to rumble, unstable ground.

The rescue operation was resumed on Thursday morning to resume, the department said, when a helicopter carrying medics, search personnel and dogs was about to arrive in Haines.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunley said the state Emergency Operations Center was coordinating the response and search and rescue teams were mobilized.

“My emergency response team and I are monitoring the natural disaster in Haines and the wider Southeast,” Mr. Dunley Wrote on twitter.

Haines Mayor Douglas Olered said the thunderstorm caused eight inches of rain on Tuesday and three to four inches of rain on Wednesday.

He said there was intense flooding as the drainage ditch at Haines was already plugged with about two to three feet of snow from the previous storm.

He said a series of small mudslides struck Haines on Tuesday and crushed a major mudslide homes on Wednesday. About 30 people were evacuated from the boat.

Mr. Olered said he spoke to Mr. Dunleavy and other state officials on Wednesday about the urgent need for support.

On Wednesday night, he said, “Everyone is in mayhem and everyone is really busy helping each other.” “We are praying that we may have a happy ending and that we may find everyone alive.”

The Coast Guard said it was among the agencies providing assistance.

The Coast Guard said that a chopper crew of the air station Sitka went for Haines and two cutters – Liberty and Anacapa. A 45-foot Coast Guard boat was also operating from Juneau.

Captain Stephen White, Commander of Coast Guard Sector Juno, said in a statement, “At this point we know that the town of Haines has suffered damage after several incidents of multiple landslides. “The scope of the damage is unknown at this time but we are actively moving many assets and personnel to provide assistance to local first responders and residents who may be affected by the landslide.”

Mike Baker contributed reporting.

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