Starting afresh with Iraq, Biden refrains from establishing red lines with Iran

Following the rocket attack that killed an American contractor in December 2019, the United States blamed Qatib Hezbollah, and bombed five of its bases. Because of which US Embassy under siege, Where protesters implicated diplomats inside the sprawling complex for two days and, in return, ordered Mr. Trump a military strike Killed Iran’s most revered general When he was visiting Baghdad.

Under Secretary of State for Middle East Policy under Mr. Trump, David Schenker said it was the responsibility of Iraq’s Shia-led government to stop the militia backed by Iran.

A senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Mr. Schenker said in an interview, “I don’t think you’re going to behave better in Iraq by the blasts on Iran.” “Ultimately, it’s all about Iran – missiles, weapons, money, direction all come from Tehran.”

Military officials say 14 107-mm rockets were launched in the Erbil attack, but six were misfire. The attack on the area controlled by Kurdish forces has raised concerns about security gaps in what is considered Iraq’s safest region.

A little-known group known as Awliya al Dam or the Guardians of the Blood claimed responsibility for the attack, but provided no evidence. The group claimed responsibility for two bombings last August that targeted the convoy, an American contractor carrying military equipment.

A US Army official said that at the time of the attack Erbil Airport had an antirket system in place and was operating, but the rocket was not in an area not in the area.

US commanders have said that now 2,500 troops in Iraq – about half the number from last summer – would be sufficient to take action against not only Iranian proxies and other influences, but to help Iraqi security forces hunt down the remaining pockets of Islam Will also help. State fighters.

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