The Department of Justice hired the Russian investigation to give special advice

In October, Mr. Barr Secretly appointed Mr. Durham to serve as Special Counsel To continue his work. The move freed Mr Durham from a possible Biden administration and made it very difficult for a new attorney general to end his investigation, but ensuring that Durham’s investigation would be done after Mr Trump left office.

“Prior to the presidential election, I decided to appoint Mr. Durham as a special counsel to him and his team to ensure that they could complete their work regardless of the outcome of the election,” Mr. Barr Wrote a letter which he submitted to Congress in December.

Dozens of Mr. Trump’s US lawyers have resigned in the weeks before and after the election, leaving those offices in the hands of acting officials. While Mr. Durham and many more US lawyers are expected to join him this week, saying the cohort would not include the leader of the largest, most prominent federal prosecutor’s office: U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in Manhattan, who was appointed by him. Courts, and US Attorney Michael R. in Washington. Sherwin, who is an acting officer and was not confirmed by the Senate.

Both Mr. Strauss and Mr. Sherwin were elevated for their roles amid controversy and controversy arising from Mr. Barr’s handling of politically fragile cases involving Mr. Trump.

Ms. Strauss was made acting US Attorney after her boss, Geoffrey S. Burman, was angered by Mr. Trump’s allies and eventually the White House with handling cases against him. Refused to leave When Mr. Barr tried to replace him. The deadlock between the two people ended when Mr. Barr allowed Ms. Strauss, a registered Democrat, to lead the office. The federal judge in his district, a rarely used power, Formally appointed him to this post In December.

Mr. Trump’s aide Roger J. Mr. Sherwin was tapped to head the Washington office after Stone Jr., Mr. Sherwin, removed his predecessor by Mr. Barr to defuse a prosecutor’s recommendation. After the Justice Department’s investigation of the January 6 siege by the Trump supporter crowd surfaced.

Mr. Sherwin can remain in the department to work on an investigation into the capital riots, even though the administration nominates a new U.S. Attorney, according to a person with knowledge of the deliberations.

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