Trump Will Return to Spotlight with Appearance at CPAC

He was Widely welcome Friday on the first day of the CPAC conference.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “Let me tell you now,” Donald J. Trump has nowhere to go. “Even Senator Mitch McConnell, who at one time was a Republican leader, reported that he could vote to indict Mr. Trump in his second impeachment trial, telling Fox News this week if he Presidential candidate in 2024 will support Mr. Trump to be a Republican.

By that time, Mr. Trump is serious about running for the presidency for the third time in 2024. While some colleagues hope that he will not eventually go through another bid, his occupations may have an impact on his party.

“Shouldn’t have thought about running George HW Bush again?” Said Matt Schlapp, president of the American Conservative Union, who organized the conference. Mr. Trump “is in a different place, and he is still incredibly popular with the people who voted him.”

Mr. Trump has discussed with colleagues the possibility of writing a book. And he has launched a political campaign in late 2020 with long-serving aides including campaign manager, Bill Stephen; Justin Clarke, his campaign lawyer; And Corey Lewandowski and David Bossy, his former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager. Brad Parscale, who was ousted as 2020 campaign manager last summer, remains in the Trump circle and is handling Mr. Trump’s email system.

Jason Miller, Mr. Trump’s senior adviser, remains close to him. And Mr. Trump’s elder son, Donald Trump Jr., is set to play a more active role in his political organization than before.

Most members of that group held an hour-long meeting with Mr. Trump on Thursday, to which few former allies are ever permanently cast aside.

The former president is setting up a process for those seeking his support, but has made it clear that he is also determined to seek vengeance against Republicans who questioned his lies about the election or impeached him. Voted them in support. On Friday, he endorsed Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez as a primary challenger to former aide, Max Miller, who voted in favor of impeachment.

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