Versus v. Coronavirus: What These Poets Are Thankful For Laureate

And in Minnesota, Thanked by Joyce Sutphen

Snow that comes down from canada
We did not rake to cover the leaves
And how sometimes after that, we
A heat wave and a second chance
To keep things right in the world

Not all states responded. The New York Times’ request came with some legal terms – a lengthy order for an exact art form, 100 words or less, on a newspaper deadline. There is no poet in some states. New jersey Post abolished Between 2003 Conflict, And Idaho In the 1980s it was replaced with a wider “writer-in-residence” appointment. The last full-time poet to hold that job, Diane Raptosh, who has also served as the poet laureate of Boise, offered poetry from that state.

Still other states were among the poets. In California, Mr. Gioia’s term expires in 2018 and the governor has not yet been appointed successor. Illinois Was done without an official poet from 2017; We received a submission from its final winner and the poet who succeeded on Wednesday.

But many of the authors who responded reacted widely, if tired, to both appreciation, regional patience, and more universal blessings. Many wrote, in these socially distant times, humanity and fellowship around them.

Of Hawaii The poet was grateful for “tight-knit island communities”, Wyoming “Neighbors Helping Neighbors / Despite Long Distance” and Of alabama For a situation where people “rally to help each other in times of crisis”.

And Of North Carolina “North Carolinian” and “in many ways we have gathered together to take care of each other.” And Of south dakota “Food, resources, / for each other – the first real test of love and fear.”

Paisley raccoon’s Utah “Something Uncommon: Crowding in the Valley.” Bobby LeFebre’s Colorado The crowd on social media reached out to thank the state for “love, family, health, work, creator, community, cultural / resilience, art, abolitionist, education, imagination, clarity / life, truth, weeds” and more.

Beth Ann Fennelly Mississippi Was “grateful to be counted on: one mississippi, two. Grateful for y’all word. Strongly grateful to all y’all

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