With over 200,000 outstanding ballots, Georgia remains in the nail-biting play

The fact that so many ballots remain uncounted was a little surprising. Voters were allowed to submit absentee ballots to the county drop box until 7 pm Tuesday. The process of counting them is labor-intensive, which involves manually removing ballots from envelopes and, in some cases, subjecting them to human review.

But there were also surprising surprises, most notably a pipe that burst on Tuesday morning at State Farm Arena, the stadium where the Atlanta Hawks play basketball and where Fulton County was tabulating votes. The plumbing failure announced by county officials late Tuesday delayed the count of an estimated 50,000 ballots.

At a news conference Wednesday morning, Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Rafensparger, said the largest number of ballots, over 70,000, were from Fulton County, which includes most of Atlanta and is a reliable Democratic stronghold. About 50,000 ballots were from DeKalb County, a Democratic-leaning region that also includes part of Atlanta.

Roughly 7,000 ballots were from Forsyth County, which voted heavily for Mr. Trump in 2016.

Mr. Rafensparger, a Republican and supporter of Mr. Trump, said he would pressurize state officials on Wednesday to complete his rally. But if a complete counting of votes could not be completed, he said he hoped that by the end of the day, the number of uncounted ballots would be significantly reduced.

“If we don’t get there, but we find the number so low that then there’s no question about who the winner really is, I think it would be really helpful, actually remove the questions that people have May be, “Mr. .Refensparger said.

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