13 law enforcement officers ambushed in Mexico

MEXICO CITY – Gunmen ambushed a Mexican government convoy on Thursday and conducted a security patrol in the southwest of the capital, killing 13 prosecutors and police officers, including the deadliest on Mexican law enforcement in a year Attacked.

The attack was a major setback for government security forces and yet another reminder of the serious security challenges facing President Andres Manuel López Obredor. The president assumed office in 2018 promising to make Mexico a safe place, but he has been unable to make a meaningful dent in the country’s long-standing violence.

Mexico State Security Minister Rodrigo Martinez Celis Vogau called the ambush “a confrontation of the Mexican state” and promised to “respond with total force”.

On Thursday, the convoy was patrolling in Cotepec Hariñas, about 40 miles southwest of Mexico City, to combat criminal groups working in the area, Mr. Martinez said in a video statement posted on Twitter said.

Officials said those who died included eight police officers from Mr. Martinez’s department, five secretaries of the security secretariat, as well as the state attorney general’s office.

Photographs apparently taken at the site of the attack and published by local media showed blood-soaked bodies of officers lying on the road and entered inside police vehicles. Other images show government vehicles filled with bullet holes.

The attack appears to be the deadliest attack on Mexican law enforcement agents since October 2019 Gunmen killed 14 police officers In the state of Michoacán.

In that attack, officers were traveling in a police convoy that was planning to take a woman and her daughter to testify to victims of domestic violence. While they were passing by El Aguje village of Michoacán, the convoy was attacked by gunmen.

Last year, the gunman Mexico City police chief injured And killed two of his bodyguards and a spectator when he opened fire on his convoy as it passed through a prosperous residential neighborhood in the capital.

According to Cousa en Comun, a Mexican anti-corruption group focusing on public safety, 86 police officers were involved in Thursday’s murder in central Mexico, who had already been killed this year.

Last year was the deadliest year for police as the group began tracking deaths in 2018, killing at least 524 officers.

Like most crimes in Mexico, most of the police killings are inconsistent, security analysts say.

“The feeling that remains is that it is possible to attack an agent of the state without consequence,” said Mexico City-based security analyst Alejandro Hope. “If we can’t protect the lives of the police, how can we ask them to protect us?”

The federal government immediately responded to the killings by deploying elements of the Marines, Army and National Guard into the area on Thursday, Mr. Martinez said.

Authorities made no immediate comment about possible suspects in the attack, but Mr Martinez blamed “organized crime”.

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