25 stories for 25 December

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Every December, media organizations publish a list of the “most read” stories of the year (and you’ll see the Times list in a newspaper next week). But today – at Christmas – we are going to do something different.

In 2020, three huge stories – an epidemic, an election and a racial-justice movement – dominated the news. He was so large that he supervised many other subjects. So I asked the top editors of The Times to recount their favorite unseen articles, which they published this year.

Ignoring is definitely a subjective idea, and perhaps you have already read some of it. But I believe many of you are not. They are a deeply human mixture, full of discovery, pleasure and pain. Some touch on the big topics of the year and others are completely different.

So on this 25th of December, we present you 25 best stories:

1. here lies Skull of Pliny the Elder, Maybe.

2. Dog aging Can provide useful clues for people.

1 1. over the past few years, Female runner Have become very fast.

12. A 16-year-old bridge player asked the 82-year-old player – the best player ever – Working together with him For a tournament.

13. A reporter traveled 5,000 miles to say goodbye From his father, six feet away.

14. He opened fire in New Zealand to save his son: A story of stubborn love Struggling with a shock that won’t let go.

15. She was deprived of the use of binoculars due to her gender, but she forged ahead and made pioneering discoveries about the universe. E. Margaret Barbies Died at 100.

16. Future of modern times They are selling thousands of dollars worth of precious stones.

17. “The Power Broker,” became Robert Carrow’s 1,246-page book Cliche prop For TV appearances from home.

18. Is it new york city Best public bathroomThe

19. As a senator, Joe Biden spoke Changing china Through trade. He doesn’t do it anymore.

20. The leadership of the military is highly white. Anyway, Lloyd Austin Reached the top.

21. Trying to end NAACP Manipulation by the energy industry.

22. The Times magazine went behind the scenes to sentence California prisoners to life imprisonment Try to win parole.

23. Life on an icebreaker: Continuously dark and minus 50 ° C.

24. Tad Jones lived in the forest for decades An existential battle with a wildfire In Last Chance, California.

25. Talked about black actors, writers and other creators Art that inspires them.

A programming note: I’ll be off next week. My colleagues have to fill in and The Morning will appear in your inbox on every weekday. I’ll see you in 2021 – David

An Epidemic Christmas: Every year, Bethlehem attracts pilgrims, tourists and dignitaries, but the epidemic has left the city of West Industry Free of visitors, With struggling hotels and ICU beds.

Modern love: A son Get to spend Christmas with his father, who was released from prison prematurely.

lives: The star of the Chongqing Zoo in China, Shin Jing, was the world’s oldest panda in captivity. He had more than 150 descendants in many countries. He died at 38Equivalent to at least 110 in human years.

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