A Raven Queen vanishes, and Britain checks a prophecy

London – They flap and lollipop and squack and scavenge. They think about their future, with some saying they are in their dreaded beak. And now one of them – his queen, Merlina – has been reunited with AWOL in the MIA, to capitalize on the fear of a prophetic prophecy dating from the time of King Charles II in the 17th century. : When the Ravens leave London tower, The building will be uprooted and will be accompanied by the kingdom.

The story, at least so far, is a mix of myth, invention and hard-hitting commercialism that has transformed London’s famous prison and rare colony of palaces on the northern bank of the River Thames into a rare condition: clip- Wing protector of national fortune, tourist-dollar magnate.

Most people, including the scarlet-clad warden of Toffer, known as the Beefeaters, badly rejected the prophecy as a fantasy made in 19th-century Victorian Britain.

But, looking at other anecdotes facing the land – Kovid-19 in its deadliest way because the epidemic began to erupt a year before China; The trauma and tribulation of Brexit; As a result of the bonds uniting the United Kingdom – can it not be said that the port is already in the process of realization?

The anxiety date fluctuated from December, when Christopher Skiff, the tower’s ravenmaster, noticed that Merlin was absent without leave from the rest of the group – Jubilee, Harris, Gripe, Rocky, Erin and Poppy. Initially, he said, he was not too worried because she was a “free-spirited raven who is known for abandoning the tower’s tendency on many occasions.”

“But I’m her friend, and so she usually comes back to us, but this time she wasn’t, so I’m afraid she’s no longer with us,” he told the BBC.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Custodian of the Tower of London confirmed his suspicions. Tower officials said Merlina’s “continued absence indicates to us that she must have gone through the misery.”

For those making predictions, there was a twist. To complete the omen, the number of ravines must fall below six – the minimum fixed by the royal decree. Cannily, the Ravenmaster Skiff, had placed an additional bird, a familiar concept in an extensive prescription for regal continuity that involves couples to “inherit and create an excess” when they expand the royal family with the creation of the dynasty We do.

Tower officials said, “We now have seven queens on the tower, which is more than the required six, so we have no immediate plans to fill Merlin’s vacancy.” However, the flawed queen “will be greatly missed by her fellow ravens, ravenmaster and all of us in the Tower community.”

The fate of the ravages with the nation entered August last year, when concerns over the coronovirus epidemic snapped up the Tower of London of some of its veterans.

Ravens, sometimes collectively called “ruthless” – get bored and restless even without human interaction, keeping them in snacks in addition to a regular diet that includes mice, chickens, meats and biscuits in animal blood. Is soaked. He was also called Paine for the excitement of a human audience for his party moves that include mimicry.

Before the arrival of Merlin in 2007, one of the Thor, Thor, Russia’s President Vladimir V. Putin was greeted with a bid of Good Morning. Mr. Putin “was rather taken aback,” The Guardian reported.

Mr. Putin may not have been the first who might have seen close parallels to Russia’s own history – in the Tower, known for its history of birth-to-day contradictions from the 12th century, often with a preamble to disturb it Is known as And other forms of execution. Many of its popular alumni included two wives of Henry VIII; The so-called princes in the tower who disappeared there in the 15th century and were said to have been murdered by their uncle King Richard III; And the fugitive Nazi Rudolf Hess in 1941.

In addition, many of the estimated three million annual visitors (pre-pandemic) come there, not only to plunge into bloody history, but to marvel at the heavily guarded crown jewels.

The Tower of London closed to visitors on 16 December, as the latest wave of coronovirus cases gathered strength. But even then, and before Merlin’s disappearance, the impact of falling visitor numbers had alarmed attentive people like Ravenmaster Skiff.

“The tower is only the tower when people are there,” he told The Sun newspaper last year. “Rens have always been very important to the tower because they are surrounded by myths and legends. We really need to come back to help people.

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