American coronavirus cases grow to 4 million in the month of November, double the record in October.

However, the Thanksgiving holiday led to a decline in reporting at the end of the week, with a drop in new cases reported on Thursday, and then a big jump on Friday. Not many states reported data on Thanksgiving Holiday when more than 103,000 cases nationally rose and more than 1,100 deaths – an all-time low compared to last Thursday, November 19, when 187,000 cases and 1,962 deaths were recorded. She went.

For the same reason, the number was artificially high on Friday, when many states stated the price of two days of data. It carried 200,000 cases a day for the first time in the country, with more than 205,000 deaths, as well as more than 1,400 deaths by late Friday. On the preceding Friday, November 20, the report had over 198,600 infections and over 1,950 deaths.

Blurred data may persist. Test penetration across the country was likely to be reduced for a few days, meaning that more infections could be uncountable. In Louisiana, test sites operated by the National Guard were closed both Thursday and Friday. In Wisconsin, some National Guard test sites remained closed throughout the week.

There are already many hospitals across the country Overcrowding and conflict Increasing numbers of patients receiving care and pressure on the healthcare system are likely to increase. According to, the hospital reached a daily record of 91,635 on Saturday Kovid Tracking Project.

Country monthly case no There is considerable variation, but the past two months have exploded. The authorities announced over 188,000 cases for the month of March, followed by 887,000 cases for April. From there, the monthly total exceeded 723,500 for May, and then, after the Memorial Day holiday, exceeded 854,000 for June. It exceeded 1,918,000 for July, over 1,473,000 for August and 1,216,000 for September, and then went up from the previous 1,946,000 for October.

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