Antibody rates between Black and Hispanic New Yorkers are twice as high as others, new estimates show.

New York City health officials estimate that about a quarter of adults were infected with New York coronovirus during the horrific wave last spring, and the toll was even higher among Black and Hispanic residents.

Estimates based on antibody test results from more than 45,000 townspeople last year suggest that Black and Hispanic New Yorkers were twice as likely as white New Yorkers for whites – evidence of prior infection.

Hispanic New Yorkers had the highest rates, with about 35 percent testing for antibodies positive, According to study, Whose authors include officials and researchers from the city’s Department of Health and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. In Black New York, 33.5 percent had antibodies. In Asian New York, the rate was around 20 percent. For white New Yorkers, the rate was 16 percent.

Antibody surveys of population areas have become a useful way to find out what percentage of people were infected and which groups were most at risk, especially because there was limited testing for the virus during the first wave.

New paper, Which has been accepted by the Journal of Infectious Diseases, has substantial limitations: Of the 45,000 New Yorkers in the study, fewer than 3,500 were Blacks, a major underreportation. And participants were partially recruited through online advertisements, which the study’s authors have acknowledged may have attracted those who believed they were exposed to Kovid-19.

But experts from this study say that there is an understanding of the toll of this epidemic on black and Latino people.

Its findings also come amid a push to vaccinate more people in the United States. a recent survey Powered by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the number of Americans, especially black adults, Those who want to get vaccinated continue to increase. According to an analysis by the New York Times last month, Black people were still being vaccinated at half the rate of white people. Inequality is particularly dangerous as black and Latino people and Native Americans are dying. Double rate Of white people.

In New York City, about 44 percent of white adults have received at least one dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine, while 26 percent of black adults and 31 percent of Latino adults, According to city data.

Experts and community leaders across the country say that the use of all vaccination rates is associated with technical and linguistic barriers and disparities in accessing vaccination sites. Other factors include misinformation of social media and hesitancy to vaccinate. Animosity between African Americans, Experts say, can be tied for a long time Mistrust of medical institutions That long black people have been mistreated.

Recent data from New York “shows how frontline activists bear the brunt of the first wave of epidemics,” Dr. Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at Columbia Vallman School of Public Health. Wafa al-Sadr, who was not involved in The Study. He said that many jobs at a higher level of risk – such as grocery store workers, child care and transit workers – is Comparatively fewer white workers.

“These were people who didn’t have the luxury of being able to work virtually,” she said.

Dr. Dean of the School of Public Health at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn. Kitaiva Demissi and was not involved in the study, said Home crowd May also contribute to the separation of infection rates. Some predominantly Latino neighborhoods that were particularly hard hit in the first wave Had a high rate of domestic congestion.

More than 32,000 people have died in New York City from Kovid-19, According to a New York Times database.

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