Austria enters its third lockdown. Israel is set to follow suit.

After easing restrictions in mid-December to allow preparations before the Christmas holiday, Austria entered a third lockdown on Saturday, keeping all unprofessional shops and schools closed for three weeks and movement Remained banned.

As of 24 January, people in Austria are only allowed to leave their homes for work, shopping or exercising outside, and personal contacts are not limited to more than two homes.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told public broadcaster ORF in an interview on Saturday, “This is our chance to avoid the third wave, or at least we can do everything that doesn’t make it as difficult for us as it is for this effort.” Won’t happen without. “

Ice skating rink and ski lift in alpine country remain open Despite the lockdown, but with half the capacity and operating requirements. Nevertheless, the ski area closest to Vienna saw congestion on Friday, causing authorities to close some sledging runs and enforce better regulations to install more barriers in the surrounding areas of lifting.

Some ski area people require registration to purchase lift tickets, as a means of controlling the number of people using elevators and preventing congestion.

Israel is also set to enter its third week of lockdown on Sunday, following a sharp increase in positive coronovirus test results during the past week. The government said in a statement on Friday that Israeli people would be barred from traveling more than 1,000 meters beyond their homes except for participating in protests, receiving vaccinations or completing any other task.

Museums, malls, national parks, zoos, saloons and many other places will be closed, but some schools will remain open. The lockdown is implemented about a week after Israel began vaccinating people against Kovid-19. By Saturday, more than 200,000 had already received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

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