Best Movies and TV Shows for Netflix, Amazon and Stan in Australia in April

Every month, streaming services in Australia add a new batch of movies and TV shows to their library. Here are our pics for April.


based on Times columnist Emily Spivack The book of the same name, the-series “Warne Stories,” makes a brief appearance of what people wear and why. The show’s crew has gathered slice-of-life footage and thoughtful comments from a wide variety of people, who talk about how the clothes – or lack thereof, about nudity in a section – connects them to history, their For families, and the communities they love. “Warne Stories” is relaxing TV, designed to make viewers feel more optimistic about humanity.

April 2

In the upcoming drama, “Stranger Things” actor Caleb McLaughlin plays a troubled teen named Cole, who is set in a neighborhood in Philadelphia, where predominantly black residents miss local authorities to maintain a stable of horses. Idris Elba plays Cole’s father, Harp, who tries to get away from the local drug trade by teaching him to take on the responsibility of taking care of a large animal. Based on a Greg Neary novel, “Concrete Cowboy” is an earnest and often lyrical look at an unusual urban subculture.

In the mid-1970s, con man Charles Sobhraj, in a crime spree across East Asia, first killed a succession of tourists with the help of loyal followers. Taher Rahim played Sobhraj in the British crime drama “The Serpent”. The show has a time-hopping structure, which aims to compare and contrast the killer’s wrath with the work of Dutch diplomat Herman Nippenberg (Billy Hawley), who investigated the death of a young couple from his country. This eight-part mini-series is a character sketch and a portrait of a wild and sometimes dangerous decade.


Fans of large, broad Netflix fantasy series – such as “The Witcher” and “Umbrella Academy” – are ideal audiences for “Shadow and Bone”. This adaptation of the popular series of supernatural adventure novels Leghe Bardugo is set in a world where invincible giant monsters terrorize a society ruled by a harsh military and unscrupulous bandit. Jessie Mei Lee plays the role of Alina Starkov, an ordinary soldier who surprises her teammates by demonstrating extraordinary superpowers – perhaps strong enough to change their lives.


In this animated action-adventure series, Lakith Stanfield voices the title character, based on the historical record of samurai of very African origin, who fought in 16th century Japan. Writer / producer Lassen Thomas (who previously worked on “Black Dynamite” and “Cannon Busters”), “Yasuke” follows this masterless swordsman as he reluctantly takes a superpower girl on a dangerous quest Agree. The story goes back and forth over time, showing how Yasuke fights for his nobility after a lifetime of bad times.

Also coming: “Prank Encounter” Season 2 (April 1), “Just See Yes” (April 2), “Madame Cloud” (April 2), “Family Reunion” Season 3 (April 5), “Snaba Cash” Season 1 (April 7) )), “This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist” (April 7), “Wedding Coach” Season 1 (April 7), “The Way of the Houseband” Season 1 (April 8), “Night in Paradise ( 9 April), “Thunder Force” (9 April), “My Love: Six Stories of True Love” (13 April), “Dad Stop Embracing Me!” (14 April), “Law School” (14 April), ” Love and Monsters “(April 14),” The Soul “(April 14),” Arlo the Alligator Boy “(April 14),” Fast and Furious: Spy Racers “season 4 (April 16),” In the Beat “( 16 April), “Ride or Die” (16 April), “Zero” Season 1 (21 April), “Stowaway” (22 April), “Fatima” (27 April), “Sexify” (28 April), “and Kal Sampoorna Vishwa “(30 April),” Innocent “(30 April),” Mitchell vs. the Machine “(30 April),” Baat Suni “and Dekha” (30 April).


The terrifying comic actress Kristin Milliotti plays the lead in this brilliant science-fiction drama based on the Alyssa Nutting novel. Milioti plays Hazel, who is fed up with her controlling billionaire husband Byron (Billy Magusen) and goes nowhere to spend time with her relatively low-maintenance father (Ray Romano). Unfortunately, Hazel soon finds that she cannot run away from modernity – not taking place around the house with her father’s synthetic girlfriend, and with Byron’s state-of-the-art surveillance equipment that gives her every trick and mood. Monitors.


The American version of the Australian series “No Activity” has a new approach for its fourth season, which is required by the epidemic. The show is still about lawmen dealing with tedium waiting for something to happen during the investigation of most cases, but the format has now changed from live action to animation – from an all-star team of guest stars including Kevin Bacon Also allows for, Elle Fanning, Will Forta and D’Arcy Warden. Patrick Bramhall (who watched the original show with writer-director Trent O’Donnell) returns as a cop who dreams of tackling major crimes, but who keeps on doing very dull duties.


The seventh season is the last for this beloved sitcom created by “Sex and the City” creator Darren Starr. “Younger” began as a shrewd and cynic in the modern New York publishing business, with Sutton Foster pretending to be a hip-20 for a middle-aged divorcee to get a job. But during its run, the series dealt with more than just a generation gap, as Star and his team have explored the fragile state of modern media. Across, the heroine’s big lie remains the main hook, and the foundation for Cliffner setting up this final run.


One of the most entertaining and emotionally engaging new comedies of 2020 returns for a second season. Josh Thomas plays Nicholas, a former careless Australian now saddened by the patronage of his two American step sisters: the high-functioning autistic Savant Matilda (Kayla Cromer) and the social misfit Genevieve (Mew Press). While the show is mostly about the girls – both lovable characters, wonderfully played – it is also that Nicholas must be more than a “dad” to these emotionally fragile teenagers, as they navigate upper-middle class Los Angeles.


In the first season of this period crime drama, aged crime boss Bumpy Johnson (Forrest Whitaker) tried to reestablish his dominance in the early 1960s after a decade in prison. The opening ten episodes cover rapid changes in politics and pop culture, in an era when African-Americans were in power more publicly in the drug trade. Season two will add even more real-life (and fictional) gangsters, activists and celebrities, and should advance the show’s reputation as one of TV’s best-acting and most ambitious crime dramas.


Writer-producer Michael Schur’s latest project – a producer who brought “Parks and Recreation” and “The Good Place” to the small screen – is a sitcom about the complex and sometimes combative relationship between Native American reservations. And a nearby community in New York. Ed Hales (one of the show’s creators) is a descendant of a local historical figure. “Rutherford Falls” lead author Sierra Taylor Ornelas leads a staff composed primarily of indigenous people, lending authenticity – as well as some self-humor to these stories of small town life Too.


This documentary, based on a Frank memoir of Jimmy Barnes, tells the story of how the Scottish-origin singer-songwriter overcame a difficult childhood to become one of the most popular musicians in Australia. The film does not have an extensive appearance in Barnes or his band Cold Chisel. Instead director Mark JoffĂ© talks about his early years, subjecting his music – and his life – to its intimate core, occasionally cutting some new performance footage in an intimate setting.


Kate Winslet won the Best Actress Award at the AACTA Awards – and her co-stars Judy Davis and Hugo Weaving won the Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor awards – for this darkly comic cast, about a talented tailor who brains her Returns to the inhumane hometown with vengeance. . Winslet plays the title character, who was cast away as a little girl by her neighbors because of a crime she is sure she was not committed to. Directed and co-written by Jocelyn Moorhouse (adapting a Rosalie Hamm novel), “The Dressmaker” is stylish, dynamic and shockingly – and surprisingly – dark in places.

Also coming: “Cheat” Season 1 (April 1), “Dinner with Friends” (April 1), “I Have Go to Here” (April 1), “Jiu Jitsu” (April 1), “Recall” (April 1), ” Tyson “(April 1),” The Capture “Season 1 (April 2),” The Moods “Season 2 (April 2),” Pitch Perfect “(April 7),” Pitch Perfect 2 “(April 7),” Home “Economics” Season 1 (April 14), “Grow” (April 8), “Reservoir Dogs” (April 10), “Van der Walke” Season 1 (April 16), “Facing a Serial Killer” (April 18) ), “Baby Dun” (April 20), “Gold Diggers” (April 22), “Enzac” season 1 (April 23).


“Chi” creator Leena Waithe is one of the makers of this socially conscious horror anthropology from the mind of writer Little Marvin. In season one – “Covenant” subtitled – Deborah Iorinde and Ashley Thomas played Emeron, a pair of married black parents from North Carolina who lived in Los Angeles in the early 1950s in a white middle class Live in the neighborhood of. Alison Pill plays the block’s big bagmaker who convinces her girlfriends and their husbands to feel an emergency. The story eventually takes a turn towards the supernatural, although it is terrifying when it is about discrimination.

Also coming: “Frank of Ireland” (16 April), “Without Repentance” (30 April).

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