Biden plans to speed up almost all available doses

A spokesman for the Trump administration’s operation spokesman for the vaccine operation issued a statement sharply criticizing Mr. Biden’s approach.

“If the President-Elect Biden is calling for the delivery of vaccines, knowing that there will not be a second dose available, the decision is without science or data and is contrary to the FDA-approved label,” spokesman, Michael Pratt he said. “If President-Elect Biden suggests that the maximum number of doses should be provided, it is consistent with ensuring that a second dose of the vaccine will occur by the time the patient shows up.”

a The sample Biden, published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, supports the administration’s new delivery strategy. Stanford University researcher and lead author of the paper, Joshua Salomon, said that cutting the number of vaccines reserved for later use could significantly reduce Kovid-19 cases.

Dr. Solomon said, “The goal is to push the states out now, so the states are capable of giving the first dose right now.” However, this is not the same as an apparent dose delay. “Our goal is that everyone should still be able to get a second dose on time. This can happen, so long as there is a massive interruption in supply. “

The increasing pressure to increase the slow pace of mass vaccination in many countries and the decision by many European countries to increase the interval time between doses came after Mr Biden’s announcement, so that more people could get their first injections early.

Britain Announced a plan Late last month it was approved for up to 12 weeks despite varying doses of the two vaccines. Concern with health experts Regarding the lack of data on clinical trials at such a long interval. (At the time, the two authorized vaccines in the UK were Pfizer and BioNtech, and from the University of Oxford and the University of AstraZeneca, which have a recommended timeline of two doses separated by four weeks.)

But other European countries are Consider similar tricks, Anything else United States experts have emphasized For a similar strategy to Pfizer’s vaccine, as well as a similar shot developed by Modern. France said on Thursday that it had approved administering the second Pfizer vaccine shot six weeks after the first one.

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