California monoliths have been removed and replaced with a cross

The third monolith harvested in the past month reached the Pine Mountains in Cascadero, California, where he was. Discovered by a traveler on wednesday, is a secret.

How it is abandoned is no secret: Officials said several young men had apparently driven five hours from Southern California Tearing himself out of shiny, three-way steel structureE at Stadium Park on Thursday morning, and then past a plywood cross.

“Christ is King!” The men, wearing night vision goggles and camo gear, chanted in grainy videos as they topped the glossy structure, in a video posted to the streaming site by someone using the name Cultivator, but later is removed, According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune. The Tribune described the video as “racist and homophobic at times” and said that men sing along with country songs.

According to The Tribune, one of the men in the video said he removed the structure to tell “foreign nuisances are not welcome.” Another claimed that they were “acting on the law and direct orders of President Trump”, referring to that conspiracy theory The false claim is being made by a group of Mr. Trump Democratic pedophiles. According to the paper, more than 600 people were watching at one point.

A second video posted immediately after the first showed the male “America First!” Shouting monoliths are being pulled down the hill. And according to the paper refer to themselves as military luminaries.

The California monolith was the third shiny metal structure to crop in the past month. The first structure, which gained widespread attention, was discovered on November 18 in a remote section of the Utah desert, and its work was initially believed to be Minimum Sculptor John McCracken – or Aliens.

Four people ended Utah curiosity capturing the country Just 10 days after its arrival, But not before it appears to be copied. A second structure erupted in the mountains of Romania on November 26, shortly before the disappearance of one in Utah. But also Romanian monoliths Disappeared on tuesdayNews agency Reuters reported from Bucharest.

Like the structure of Romania, the California structure appears to be a replica of the origin in Utah. According to the city of Atascadero, it was about 10 feet long and weighed about 200 pounds. While the Utah structure stood firmly in place, The Atascadero News reported that California monolith was a bit staggering And it seemed that it would be possible to push it.

Atascadero officials were surprised at the arrival of the first monolith. Terry Banish, deputy city manager of a small town of about 30,000 people on the Central California coast, said in an interview Thursday morning that whoever installed it would have to hike to the site, which is about 1,300 feet in height and about two from the nearest parking lot Is miles away.

Thursday afternoon city officials agreed to remove it.

“We are upset that these youth felt the need for five hours to come to our community and commit vandalism with the monoliths,” Heather Moreno, mayor of Atkadero, said in a release. “Unbroken in an otherwise stressful time was something unique and fun.”

The city’s police department was unsure who was installing the monolith and was reviewing the video and watching the incident further, according to the release.

Serge Kowaleski contributed reporting.

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